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Customer Story: How Bananatag helped Cerner improve employee engagement

Challenge The Cerner Consulting Division communications group sends out bi-monthly email communications to its more than 6,000 associates, but it did not have a clear understanding of how broad the readership was. “I was brought on to improve internal communications, which included revamping the associate newsletter,” says Megan Romer, program coordinator at Cerner. “I needed […]

The engagement funnel

Every time you send an email to a contact they engage with it through a linear series of steps. The further they make it through those steps, the closer you are to reaching  your end goal, whatever it may be: selling a product, getting an answer to a question or something else. If you line […]

Attachments vs Links and how cloud storage can help

What’s the best practice when sharing files by email? Should you attach your files or send a link to the file instead? Our answer is always the same and it goes something like this: The problems with attachments Attachments can raise flags By both spam filters and recipients, attachments may be viewed suspiciously. Attachments have […]

New Plan for Internal Communications

Our new Internal Comms plan is designed for users who need to track emails to distribution lists within their organization. There is no restriction on the number of individuals the emails are sent to and the packages are flexible to accommodate for changes. We offer a 2 week free trial for both the monthly and annual plans. What’s so […]

Changes to

The recent changes only affect users using the method to track their emails. If you are using our Gmail extension or Microsoft Outlook addin the changes will not affect you.

Outlook 2013 Addin

We’re excited to announce the launch of our addin for Outlook 2013! We’ve added some new features to the 2013 addin as well as some modifications to handle changes in this version of Outlook…