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Testing sales email templates using folders

If you’ve been using Bananatag to track your sales emails, you’re likely not only receiving tracked email notifications, but are also using the metrics in your Bananatag account to look at overall interaction with your outbound emails. The metrics in your account allow you to see statistics and run reports on your outbound emails for […]

Make a Digital Time Capsule with Email Scheduling

There are a lot of practical daily uses for email scheduling, but one that we’ve discovered users taking advantage of recently is a bit different.. Yes, email scheduling can be used to easily create digital time capsules! A digital time capsule is way of sending yourself (or anyone else) a snapshot of your life today […]

The Bananatag API is here

Developers and Bananatag users rejoice — today we’re announcing the public release of our API! Beginning with offering developers the ability to integrate data from emails tracking with Bananatag into third-party software and applications, our API will provide a complete Bananatag experience across countless platforms. We’re especially excited about our initial API release as it […]

5 Types of Emails we Love to Snooze in Gmail

Like email tracking and scheduling, we think you’ll find our new¬†Snooze feature for Gmail both useful and addicting. Here are five types of emails we love to Snooze:   Long emails that deserve to be read Some longer emails feel like a wall of text, especially during a busy day. This can be especially true […]

Deal with emails whenever, with Snooze for Gmail

Today we’re releasing Snooze for Gmail so that everyone can enjoy a more organized and flexible inbox. Ever get emails that you’d rather respond to later? Of course you do. Now you can hit the snooze button right from inside your Gmail on any message you receive, and schedule a reminder for anytime in the […]