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Measure Employee Engagement with Video

Video is undoubtedly one of the most significant trends in internal comms, and one of the aspects of internal communications that many of our customers plan to increase focus on this year. From regular updates from the CEO to communicating organizational changes, we all understand that videos are often more effective than written content alone. Of […]

New: Email Tracking with SMTP Relay from Bananatag

Bananatag now supports email tracking through our new SMTP Relay Service, allowing anyone to to easily set up Bananatag for any desktop or mobile mail client. With the addition of this service, Bananatag offers completely seamless email tracking through any mail client. For Gmail and Outlook users, we recommend using the Bananatag Gmail Extension and […]

Email Tracking and Landing Pages to Close Sales

Think landing pages are only for online marketing campaigns or mass email blasts? Sales people can have the largest benefit from using landing pages in the outbound emails they send to leads every day. While technically a landing page is any page on your website that a user reaches initially, the focus of this article is […]

How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

We’re excited about scheduling! The latest version of Bananatag for Gmail now supports email scheduling. Along with tracking your emails with Bananatag, you can now also easily schedule emails to be sent later, and set up recurring emails – right from Gmail.   Make sure you have the latest version of the Bananatag extention for […]

5 Benefits of Email Scheduling

We love scheduling emails in Gmail and we think you will too. If you’ve ever saved an email as a draft with the intention of sending it later, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to schedule emails right in Gmail with the latest version of Bananatag. Below are five benefits to scheduling your daily emails: […]