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Outlook 2013 Addin

We’re excited to announce the launch of our addin for Outlook 2013! We’ve added some new features to the 2013 addin as well as some modifications to handle changes in this version of Outlook…

New Bananatag Extension Available

In preparation for the Bananatag Teams release, a new extension has been released which allows for greater functionality, flexibility, as well as error handling.  The new extension will slowly be rolling out across the user base.  If you’d like to continue using the old extension you’ll be able to revert to it for the time […]

Bananatag Reports

We’ve added Custom Reports to Bananatag, so you can get the data you’re interested in. When you click Reports in your account, the menu will drop-down with some options.  There are some preset reports that are commonly used, but you can create your own by clicking Custom Reports From that page you’ll see the different […]

Notification Email Details

As some of our PRO users may have already noticed, notification emails now contain details of the event to make it easier for you to get to that information.  Now you’ll be able to see the details for the open or click within the email itself, without having to log in to check your account. […]

Timing is Everything

Good timing plays a major role in the success of everything you do and  can mean the difference between success and failure.  Whether you’re making a sale, trying to get a story published or looking for work, timing is everything. This can be daunting for those of us who use email as our main business […]

How to Filter Tags

We just released a new feature that’s been a popular request, and wanted to share it with everyone so you don’t miss out.  Ever wondered if there was a way that you could filter Tags?  Well now you can! We’ve added a drop-down menu at the top-right above the Tags that lets you filter them a […]

Use Bananatag To It’s Full Potential – Opens

Did you know there’s a lot more to Bananatag than receiving notifications on email Opens? In fact, there’s a whole new world ( Bananaland?) inside your Bananatag Account that you can use to your advantage.  Let’s walk through some steps to see the advanced information you have access to when people open your emails. Dashboard […]