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Download our Whitepaper on the Importance of Tracking Internal Emails

To help answer some of the most common questions surrounding why tracking internal communications is so important for large organizations, we’ve released a whitepaper that summarizes the benefits that measuring engagement with emails can provide internal comms teams, senior management, and of course, employees. From companies with a hundred team members in a single office […]

5 Tips for Perfect Timing in your Sales Funnel

Timing is a key factor at every aspect of the modern sales funnel. From reaching out to new leads to finalizing details on a proposal and closing the sale — sales is a delicate balance of finely tuned messaging and great timing. So how can anyone practice perfect sales timing, all of the time? In […]

4 Symptoms of ineffective sales email templates

It’s a common issue that every sales team experiences — you’ve been sending outbound sales emails and your response rate hasn’t been great. Worry not, because one thing that email tracking has taught our own sales team is that there is always opportunity to improve. If you’ve been tracking your emails with Bananatag, the four […]

Testing sales email templates using folders

If you’ve been using Bananatag to track your sales emails, you’re likely not only receiving tracked email notifications, but are also using the metrics in your Bananatag account to look at overall interaction with your outbound emails. The metrics in your account allow you to see statistics and run reports on your outbound emails for […]

Make a Digital Time Capsule with Email Scheduling

There are a lot of practical daily uses for email scheduling, but one that we’ve discovered users taking advantage of recently is a bit different.. Yes, email scheduling can be used to easily create digital time capsules! A digital time capsule is way of sending yourself (or anyone else) a snapshot of your life today […]