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New: Email Scheduling for Gmail from Bananatag

Timing is everything. We’re excited to announce the latest version of Bananatag for Gmail now features email scheduling! Scheduling is a powerful feature that lets you send emails when you’re most productive, with the ability to have your message received (and opened) at the best time possible — all from within your existing Gmail account […]

Bananatag Launches Email Scheduling for Gmail

Email Scheduling functionality is now available for all Bananatag users with Gmail, allowing emails to be sent later at preset or custom times, right from Gmail’s existing compose window.   KELOWNA, BC, January 27, 2015 –, best known for individual and business email tracking software, has launched Email Scheduling, a new feature for Bananatag’s […]

How Email Tracking Improves Motivation

I truly believe that tracking emails leads to a more motivated workforce, and here’s why: Reaching out by email can be discouraging Reaching out by email, whether related to sales or accounts receivable, inevitably leads to many ignored messages/rejections each day, and usually a much smaller number of positive responses. This ongoing deficit of positive […]

It’s not the metrics, it’s what you do with them

We all know tracking and metrics are important. Metrics need to guide decision-making, so we are doing our jobs based on facts instead of opinions. For example “nobody reads my emails” is an opinion, but “25% of employees open my email and take action on it” is a fact. But the big question is, now […]

Tracking Emails with Google Analytics

Why it’s important Tagging your links with Google Analytics campaigns allows you track your email all the way through to action on your website. This gives you the ability to measure whether those link clicks lead to bounces or multiple page views and goal completions. How to set it up A great place to start […]