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Webinar: Measure Internal Email in 30 Minutes

That’s a wrap on our second #measureIC webinar! Thank you to everyone who attended the webinar this week on Measuring Internal Email! In this webinar, we covered the basics on getting internal email engagement data and accurately improving your organization’s communications with Bananatag. Take a look at the free and full recording below: What’s covered […]

Getting Creative: The Ultimate Internal Email Guide

“Make the important interesting” – Steve Crescenzo of Crescenzo Communications As you learn how to better measure your internal email, it’s time to get creative with your internal communications. You’ve crafted the perfect subject line, your message is clear and concise — you’re doing all the right things. But the conundrum remains: how do you […]

How To Use Your Internal Email Engagement Data

FACT: Internal email engagement data can give you a wealth of insight into your communications, including how you can make simple changes to improve your emails. In our last post, we dove into the task of choosing an email measurement tool for internal communicators. Whether you use Bananatag, MailChimp or any other email measurement tool, […]

Internal Email isn’t Dying, it’s Evolving

“Internal email is dead.” As a company with products centered around internal email measurement, we hear this claim once in a while. Usually the suggestion that internal email as a medium is dead or dying comes with the promise of a new technology or platform, but the reality is that email is not any less […]