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How to use your metrics for success

Now that you have a Bananatag account and you are seeing the results of your Tracked emails, it is time to put that data to use. Using your Bananatag metrics and a few simple tricks you will be able to maximize your email efficiency. When you log in to your account, you immediately see your […]

Email Link Tracking – Valuable insight.

How many times have you called a lead and had a great conversation on the phone that ended something like this.  “Wow, that sounds really interesting.  Can you send me an email with your information so that I can take a closer look?”  At this point you’re salivating (sort of) and say Sure! The email […]

Email Tracking. Why is it Important?

We’re pretty used to metrics and statistics these days.  We can see lists of our friends friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, what game people are playing on their Playstation, and on and on.  Google tracks searches, and websites you visit in order to target advertising specific to you… they even scan your Gmail.  All […]