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Getting Creative: The Ultimate Internal Email Guide

“Make the important interesting” – Steve Crescenzo of Crescenzo Communications As you learn how to better measure your internal email, it’s time to get creative with your internal communications. You’ve crafted the perfect subject line, your message is clear and concise — you’re doing all the right things. But the conundrum remains: how do you […]

Make Email Templates Sound Authentic, Not Phony

Email Templates let you send insanely fast automated emails right from your Gmail compose window. With this feature, emailing has never been so efficient. But with great email power comes great responsibility to maintain an authentic voice in your sales emails. When you’re on a roll sending hundreds of templated emails a day, it can […]

5 Tips for Sending Better Internal Emails

In my role as the Corporate Communications Coordinator for an entertainment company, one of my responsibilities is sending out a daily e-newsletter to 7,000+ employees, in more than 35 countries. Here are five key points I’ve learned from sending out this email and other recurring internal and external communications throughout the years:   1. Collect […]

How to make an Internal Comms Email Report

“What gets measured gets done.” – Peter Drucker     Internal Communications, no matter how well-executed, can be under-appreciated in large organizations. Competing for executive attention with data-driven departments like sales, marketing and R&D, IC often operates without a strong foundation for sharing success. The reality is that everything that you do as a communicator […]

5 Tips for Perfect Timing in your Sales Funnel

Timing is a key factor at every aspect of the modern sales funnel. From reaching out to new leads to finalizing details on a proposal and closing the sale — sales is a delicate balance of finely tuned messaging and great timing. So how can anyone practice perfect sales timing, all of the time? In […]