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Updates to our Plans and Pricing

For the first time since launching Bananatag in 2012, we’re updating our pricing to reflect our new features. We’ve come a long way since we launched with email open and click notifications! Bananatag now has a full set of features to give you a more complete understanding of what happens to your emails and attachments […]

New: Attachment Tracking for Gmail

Along with launching Email Templates this month, we’ve also just released one of our most powerful new features to date — Attachment tracking for Gmail. Attachment tracking allows you to get a wealth of new insight on how recipients are interacting with the documents attached to your emails. Along with adding an easy way to […]

New: Email Templates for Gmail

No more copying and pasting. Ever. We’ve added insanely fast email templates to Gmail! Templates allow you to automate your outbox and see how specific templates perform over time. These new features bring the emails you send most often just clicks away from compose. Ideal for┬ásalespeople, email templates are also perfect for anyone that wants […]

The Bananatag API is here

Developers and Bananatag users rejoice — today we’re announcing the public release of our API! Beginning with offering developers the ability to integrate data from emails tracking with Bananatag into third-party software and applications, our API will provide a complete Bananatag experience across countless platforms. We’re especially excited about our initial API release as it […]

Deal with emails whenever, with Snooze for Gmail

Today we’re releasing Snooze for Gmail so that everyone can enjoy a more organized and flexible inbox. Ever get emails that you’d rather respond to later? Of course you do. Now you can hit the snooze button right from inside your Gmail on any message you receive, and schedule a reminder for anytime in the […]