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5 Cold Email Templates That Turn Your Contacts Warm As Toast

Cold emailing can be a tricky game to play, especially when you’re using the wrong format to close that big sales deal. Hopefully your email gets opened and read. And the ultimate goal? Getting a response. With spam crowding inboxes and busy prospects instantly deleting unfamiliar emails, that goal often seems impossible. But with┬áthe basic […]

Make Email Templates Sound Authentic, Not Phony

Email Templates let you send insanely fast automated emails right from your Gmail compose window. With this feature, emailing has never been so efficient. But with great email power comes great responsibility to maintain an authentic voice in your sales emails. When you’re on a roll sending hundreds of templated emails a day, it can […]

Closing Deals with Email Tracking

Many of our sales users love Bananatag for their prospecting and qualification of leads, early on in the sales cycle. Of course, your team doesn’t stop tracking their emails there. This article is about using email tracking later on in the sales cycle, to close deals with prospects who’ve already expressed interest in buying. These […]

4 Symptoms of ineffective sales email templates

It’s a common issue that every sales team experiences — you’ve been sending outbound sales emails and your response rate hasn’t been great. Worry not, because one thing that email tracking has taught our own sales team is that there is always opportunity to improve. If you’ve been tracking your emails with Bananatag, the four […]

Testing sales email templates using folders

If you’ve been using Bananatag to track your sales emails, you’re likely not only receiving tracked email notifications, but are also using the metrics in your Bananatag account to look at overall interaction with your outbound emails. The metrics in your account allow you to see statistics and run reports on your outbound emails for […]