As Bananatag has been adopted in more organizations and we've met with and surveyed more of our amazing customers, our vision for the product has expanded. At the same time, our customers have built complex communication strategies around our data. We knew we needed a more robust system and interface to push the product forward.

For the past year we've worked on building a new version of Bananatag. What you'll immediately notice is a new experience, and what you can't see is equally if not more exciting -- by using a new framework we've paved the way for exciting new opportunities for the product.

This change allows us to develop new features more efficiently than before, and be more responsive to internal communicators' needs.

Today we are excited to announce the first look at the new Bananatag for Internal Comms users.

A new experience in your Bananatag account

The first thing you'll notice is the new look -- our updated interface is both easier on the eyes and more intuitive, thanks to the hard work of our product design team. Every view has been recreated based on customer feedback, established conventions from other products, and current UI best practices — it's really a thing of beauty, starting with the new menu:

New bananatag account internal email tracking analytics dashboard
We've added clarity to the different sections of the account and organized the features and pages into four primary sections:

  • Emails: Previously known as Tags, this view shows statistics for each tracked email.
  • Designer: Bananatag's Email Designer can be accessed here.
  • Recipients: Previously known as Contacts, this view shows metrics by the specific email addresses that have been contacted previously.
  • Reports: The Reports section contains preset and custom reports.

Pro Tip: You can return to the main dashboard view (which is also loaded when you log in) by clicking the Bananatag emblem in the menu.

"The goal was to create a symbiotic relationship between email clients and the Bananatag account interface; the account acts as a platform that allows users to improve on the performance of their content through analytics while the email client application acts as an extension to our user's capabilities and everyday workflow."

Justin Lim, UI/UX Designer


What's new in Bananatag

The Email Designer

The new interface adds tweaks that make it easier to create and manage email templates and email designs:

New bananatag account email tracking analytics internal email designer
Look out for exciting updates to the Email Designer, including new blocks, coming soon!

Team Management

Previously referred to as 'accounts' and 'sub-accounts', the new Team Management interface uses less cryptic language and provides a better experience for managing your team and will allow for more flexible hierarchical employee structures.

Team Management can be accessed by clicking on your user icon on the top right of the interface and navigating to Team.

New geo-location heatmaps

Location data is now represented on a more detailed and interactive heatmap:

New bananatag account internal email tracking analytics heatmap

Internal email data loads faster than ever

Thanks to a completely new framework under the hood and modular components, the data in your account loads almost instantaneously and running pre-set and custom reports is snappier too.

Accessing the new interface

The new Bananatag account will be rolled out to user accounts in the next week, with the option to switch back to the old account views while in beta.