We’re excited to launch our new Outlook add-in for Internal Communicators, bringing our full HTML email designer and internal email templates right into your mail client.

We know that Outlook wasn’t built for Internal Communications’ unique needs. From our first add-in for Outlook which allowed users to track email opens and email link clicks, Bananatag has allowed internal communicators to do more with their mail client. Yet communicators still faced design limitations due to Outlook's email processing, which could only be solved by creating our own sending experience from Outlook.

Today we’re releasing the latest version of our Add-in, featuring our full HTML email builder, now integrated right into the mail client.

Existing customers can download the latest version of Bananatag for Outlook (with support for Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016) to get access to the new features.

What’s new for Internal Communicators using Outlook

Watch a short demo of our new experience in Outlook, and read on to get more details on the new features!


The new Bananatag Sidebar

Thanks to a new framework under the hood and the hard work of our dev team, every element of our add-in’s user interface has been updated to be faster and more intuitive, and to create a more seamless workflow for communicators using Outlook. There's no need to export and insert HTML templates from your Bananatag account — internal emails can now be designed and sent right from Outlook.

We’ve introduced a new sidebar for Outlook:

Internal communications add-in from Bananatag for Outlook
The bananatag sidebar can be accessed from the Outlook ribbon

The latest version allows new features in our sidebar: the Email Designer and Email Templates (read on for more details).


Additionally, this sidebar is where future features will be added, allowing us to more easily deploy new functionality to communicators using Outlook.

The Email Designer in Outlook

The Email Designer, which is our full HTML email builder, is now available right inside a new window in Outlook, accessible from the sidebar:

Insert HTML internal emails in Outlook with Bananatag
Using our drag-and-drop workflow and content blocks, it’s easy to build responsive internal emails and brand them to your organization's standards.

Any email built using the Email Designer inside of your Bananatag Account can also be opened, tracked and sent, right from the sidebar. And because we've introduced our own sending mechanism, the HTML emails you send will appear in employee inboxes exactly as you expect them to, without any of Outlook's known formatting issues.

This provides Internal Communicators the best of both worlds — an intuitive workflow, without Outlook's limited formatting capabilities. This technology also gives us the ability to offer additional useful blocks in our Email Designer, and brings us closer to providing a fully responsive email platform within Outlook.

"In addition to our focus on providing an intuitive experience, we are constantly creating new mechanisms in the Outlook add-in to make internal communicators’ workflows more fluid."

- Gabriel Pena, Software Engineer
Look for new blocks and templates being added to our Email Designer’s growing library soon!

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Tracking internal emails in Outlook

Emails that are built with the Email Designer are stored in your account and will automatically be tracked to record opens and all link clicks.

Automatically record the number of recipients for an email

For emails sent to distribution lists through Bananatag in Outlook, the number of recipients on each distribution list will now automatically populate in your account. This removes the need for the number of recipients to be manually updated after each send.

Tracking emails in Outlook's compose window

We’ve also kept our track email function in the native Outlook compose window for users that may require this option:

Track email function in Outlook for internal communications

Viewing email analytics in your account

Your Bananatag account is where all of your tracked email data is stored, including detailed metrics on opens, clicks, device type, location and more:

Bananatag account internal comms analytics
Log in to your Bananatag account to access all of your account data and our reporting interface.
Get the latest version of Bananatag for Outlook today!