New for all Internal Communications plans, we’ve added a set of core internal email templates that you can start using right away!

This new library of internal email designs was created for our webinar last month as a starting point that any internal communicator primarily using Outlook could use to start sending slick, high performing email templates.

Now you can access these templates in your Bananatag account.

Meet the new pre-built internal email templates

Narrowing down all of the templates we could create to just a handful of core templates wasn’t an easy task. After much deliberation and feedback from communicators and customers, our team created five distinct and versatile templates.

The Internal Newsletter Template

Almost every organization sends a newsletter, but not all communicators like the templates they’re using (especially when working with Outlook). We designed this sharp template to round up your most interesting ongoing internal content, just like your newsletter should.

internal comms employee newsletter template for Outlook HTML
We’ve included two versions of the newsletter, both a short-form template which is designed to summarize content and link to articles on your intranet (best practice), and a long-form template which works well with full articles.

Should you include full articles in your newsletter?

The Alert Template

The Alert template is designed to communicate one piece of information in five seconds or less. Far from what is often categorized as an ‘internal memo’, alerts are a go-to when clarity, accessibility, and timeliness matter most. This template is also great for sending on behalf of other departments in a standardized way.

internal email template for crisis communications
To complement our alert template, we've also created includes 30+ icons for customizing your template for any specific topic or scenario, along with three color variations (red, yellow and green) to indicate priority.

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The Event Invitation Template

A variation on the alert templates with a large feature image and calendar block, our event template give your department’s invites the level of polish employees have come to expect:

html employee event invitation internal comms email template

The Organizational Update Template

Organizational announcements communicate information that is important enough to be separated from your newsletter but is not critical enough for an alert.

This template is best used when the message itself makes more sense coming from the voice of the organization, rather than any specific individual:

internal comms HTML email template for company news and organizational updates

The Leadership Update Template

The template we designed for leadership updates differentiates itself here (and in employee inboxes) by humanizing a leader with a format that feels more like a personal letter:

CEO update email template for internal communications
By putting a face (and optional signature) to each name, this template helps you and CEO, managers or key stakeholders communicate their message to employees in an optimized format.

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How to use our new internal email templates in Outlook

Try them inside of Bananatag

Current customers on an internal comms plan (as well as those on a trial) can access the new templates by logging into your Bananatag account, selecting New Email, and clicking into the Pre-Built Templates:
Pre-built HTML internal email templates for internal communicators using Outlook
Or, get a demo of Bananatag to see the pre-built templates and our template builder in action as well as the rest of our internal email platform. Our free two week trial also includes access to our pre-built templates.

Making our internal email templates your own

These templates are just a starting point! Your organization’s branding and fonts can be specified inside Bananatag’s Email Designer. You can also change the structure of the blocks, add more blocks and preview how each template will render for employees using mobile devices:
Internal newsletter template for internal communicators using Outlook
For help getting started with the Email Designer, please see our help center.

Let us know your thoughts on our five core templates on Twitter!