As we near the end of our MEGA campaign, it's time to say bye, thank you, and reminisce about all the great moments we had over the past year with Make Email Great Again.

But why were we so excited about making email great again in the first place? Especially when most of the rhetoric we're hearing is about how there's too much email, email is dying, China is winning and we need big walls. From our standpoint, that just isn't true.

Yes, there are a lot of problems with email but to us that was an opportunity. As the number one channel for most organizations, we set out to make a case for why and how to make email great again. We wanted to prove how measurement and the proper tools could provide the insights necessary to make email as effective internally as it is externally.

Once we had our mission and slogan, there was one thing we needed to make it truly great and memorable for our internal audience: hats. But not just any hat.

Make email great again hat Bananatag
We took our time choosing the perfect red, and capital letters to show we meant serious business. Of course, you can't forget a good font: Times New Roman is a classic. And just like that, a hat was born. It felt oddly familiar but we got the sense that it was definitely unique judging by the strong first impressions it had on people.

Once we had a hat, we were ready to hit the road to see how internal communicators would respond.


Some highlights of our MEGA internal comms measurement tour

We stopped in a bunch of cities across the continent, spreading our mission and promise of making email great again. We met some amazing internal communicators along the way, hearing about how they're changing their industry and paving the way.

New Orleans

We introduced the world to MEGA in beautiful New Orleans for the IABC World Conference 2016.



And then in Boston...



Next up was the Windy City!



And back to the True North...


Washington, D.C.

And appropriately enough, we stopped in the capital for ALI's Health Care conference!

Bananatag for internal comms and email measurement- MEGA

A big Canadian thank you!

During the remaining and final days of this campaign, we want to say thank you to everyone for being fun, lighthearted and eager to celebrate this campaign with us.

While we've always known we have some pretty cool customers, it's gratifying to see we share the same sense of humour and finally get the chance to meet face to face. We're thrilled you got on board and love internal email as much as we do!

What are your thoughts on our MEGA campaign? Let us know what you think about how to improve and optimize internal email for communicators! Why is email still the most important channel for your Internal Communications strategy?