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How do I send emails through my own server?

To send emails through your own server, log into your Bananatag Account and click Account in the top right corner.  Then click the tab “Send Direct” on the left hand side of the page.

Your username will already be filled out with your email address.  In some environments (like certain Exchange setups) your username may only be the first part of your email.  For example, your email may be john@bananatag.com, but your domain username is just john.  If this is the case click No Domain Required.  If you’re not sure about this, check with your administrator.

Then type in your email password and click Sync Accounts.  Bananatag will then attempt to confirm the settings you have entered and will let you know if it is successful.

For most large email providers, Bananatag already has the outgoing server information that it needs to sync your accounts, but in some cases you may need to provide your outgoing server, and type of encryption used. If you’re unsure about these settings, check with your network administrator.