It's time to sit around the fire, eat some pumpkin pie, and share what we're thankful for in the internal communications world.

While the journey to improve internal communications is ongoing, it’s important to acknowledge what we’re doing well, what we like, and what’s yielding results.

Let’s take a look at what communications professionals are thankful for in 2016:

1. The endless list of valuable resources

Endless resources for internal comms

It's the Golden Age for internal communications with the growing number of resources like new podcasts, websites, and blogs that make communicators' jobs easier every day.


Internal communicator extraordinaire Chuck Gose brought us the ICology podcast just last year. Each episode Chuck interviews and speaks with internal communicators who are doing interesting things and thought leaders internal communications world.

Chuck and his guests cover topics ranging from internal emails, intranets, mobile apps, strategic engagement, to internal comms tech and more. ICology is the essential info hub for the latest trends and ideas in the internal comms world, as well as the place to find out what leaders and practitioners in the IC community are doing to take their internal communication game to the next level. ICology's insights, smooth conversations, seamless editing, and engaging chats are perfect for listening to on your morning commute or in the background while you finish up your latest employee newsletter.

All Things IC

Since 2009, Rachel Miller’s popular blog has been the voice of IC from across the pond. Now with over 1100 articles, Rachel has literally covered All Things IC, from PR to social media. Her blog is THE place where savvy communicators go to read what's new in internal comms and Rachel’s clever takes on the future of the industry. Rachel has been helping internal communicators do their best work with her consultancy and resource hub, All Things IC since 2013 and has since launched into masterclasses where she teaches on topics like change communication and IC strategy.

IC Kollectif

Fellow Canadian and internal communications disrupter Lise Michaud started IC Kollectif early in 2016. The initiative has quickly become an internal comms one-stop shop for everything internal comms: associations, publications, research and reports, events, a list of IC thought leaders and LinkedIn groups. Lise has put together a master list of resources for IC, all conveniently located on one website.

2. New technology proves that internal comms is trendy and can’t be ignored

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The interest companies are showing in internal communications is growing. With all of the new tools and tech that internal communicators can choose from means, there are quickly becoming more and more ways to improve communication within organizations. With Workplace by Facebook and collaboration tools like Slack, the future for internal comms is getting even brighter.

3. The strong sense of community amongst Internal Communicators

Sense of community in internal comms

The thing that all the internal communicators that we talk to are most thankful for is the sense of community in the industry. Various internal comms-focused LinkedIn groups offer communicators a place to share ideas, ask questions, network with fellow comms professionals, seek new job opportunities, and promote their work.

By following the #internalcomms hashtag on Twitter, you can join the conversation, get up-to-speed on the biggest trends in IC, read the latest blog posts to find out the best strategies and tools for IC and follow the biggest names in IC for the best tips and tricks to make your IC life a little easier.

Or you can participate in a regularly scheduled #CommsChat on Twitter every Monday at 3 pm EST. See what other communicators are talking about right now and share your thoughts.

There is a lot to be thankful for in the internal comms world, and every year our list is only growing.

What are you thankful for in internal comms? Let us on twitter by tagging us @bananatag!