New Year's Resolutions are so January 2016. This January, let's resolve to not resolve anything.

Instead, let's reflect on what has been the best year ever for internal communications. Come to think of it, since our industry is still very much evolving, every year is the best year ever to be an Internal Communicator. That's worth celebrating!

A new year in comms brings new employees who are entering the workforce for the first time. A new year also brings exciting new opportunities and shiny new technology. Ideally your organization is well on its way towards making the shift towards improving both engagement and the employee experience – and if it's not, this is probably the year.

So rather than set ourselves up for disappointment with a list of vague resolutions, let's seize 2017 for what it will be – a great year to be a communicator.

With that said our anti-resolutions for 2017 are as follows:

I will not commit more time or energy than I have.

This goes beyond resolutions. This is about making the largest impact with the most ease. Which also reminds me..

I will not send another email about your unimportant thing.

We can't keep emailing 'all staff' four times a day! Internal Comms is strategic now. Deal with it.

I will not stop making my comms more fun/creative.

Making the important interesting is the aim of the game, and there's a reason you're the best person at your organization for it. Let's test the approval process more rigorously this year and write copy that gets attention.

I will not sell myself short.

Show and prove your value as a communicator in your organization. You’re the change agent they need to make this year better than the last.

I will not drink less wine.

Who even thought this should be a thing?

Share your own anti-resolutions in the comments, and have a fun and safe New Year's Eve!