We know your employee newsletter is a key part of your communications. And we know you’ve secretly (or openly) always wished it could be better. So we’ve created five stylish and functional newsletter templates that are designed for more engaging outlook employee comms.

Before designing these templates our team looked at hundreds of email newsletters, both internal and external. We started with the email newsletters we love to receive ourselves, talked to our customers, and also found inspiration in some unexpected places.

And relaunching your employee newsletter doesn’t have to take weeks! These fresh templates, plus your content and unique voice are all you need. The five templates below will be available as free downloadable HTML files, and available inside Bananatag’s Employee Email Designer.

Access our webinar to get access to these templates and our live broadcast on how to use them, which includes loads of tips and ideas for improving your employee newsletter.

The 5 Employee Newsletter Templates

Video Employee Newsletter

Use your awesome internal video content to dazzle and engage employees.


  • Purpose: To give your internal video content the attention it deserves.
  • Why we’re excited about it: Formatting your video content with this type of template is the most straightforward way to encourage employees to engage with your video and it’s proven to work.
  • Key elements: Video header block with customizable play button overlay.


The Typographic Employee Newsletter

A beautiful text-focused design to engage employees without images. 


  • Purpose: To make text-based content more exciting when images aren’t necessary,  available, or are technically difficult.
  • Why we’re excited about it: Despite being text-only, this template is easy on the eyes, functional and straightforward. It proves that an email doesn’t need images to look great.
  • Key elements: Various formatted title blocks, spacers, and content dividers.


The Story Cards Employee Newsletter

A clean and easy-to-ready design that can support long-form newsletters and loads of content.


  • Purpose: To handle a large number of stories and a variety of types of content in a cohesive way.
  • Why we’re excited about it: This template allows for one, two, or three column sections without feeling visually cluttered. It’s also easy to number and colour-code sections, to create hierarchy and standardize recurring types of content.
  • Key elements: Multi-column layout, coloured content dividers, and formatted title blocks.


The Newsfeed Employee newsletter

A design that mimics the most engaging features of Instagram and looks great on all devices. 


  • Purpose: To focus your audience on one story at a time, to allow for longer written content, and to create a similar reading experience on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Why we’re excited about it: This template mimics a social feed and allows for a practically infinite amount of content in a way that is highly scrollable and equally appealing for users on every type of device.
  • Key elements: Square images (preferred for consistency), continuous stream of similarly formatted text and optional button blocks, and a dark background (for contrast).


The Top 10 Employee Newsletter

Snackable content blocks for easy scanning and links to your external content.


  • Purpose: To summarize a long list of articles in a format that’s easy to scan with minimal scrolling, with links to the intranet for the full articles.
  • Why we’re excited about it: Similar to a Top 10 article or listicle, this template allows you to keep more stories “above the fold” or visible without scrolling.
  • Key elements: Small, square images, headlines and very short summaries.


How to send your employee newsletters

Bananatag makes it easy to design and send beautiful, responsive emails to your employees. Users will be able to access these newsletter templates (as well as our other types of email template) from the the template library in our Email Designer.

For internal communicators that aren’t yet using Bananatag, these templates will be available as HTML files (compatible with Outlook and Gmail) after you sign up and watch the newsletter webinar. 

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