Over the next seven days, we'll be sharing seven real-life success stories from internal communicators on how their Bananatag internal email data has helped improve their work. We chose to anonymize company names because we all know the approval process is a pain and we didn't want these stories to go untold. Follow along: #7daysofIC

matt-profile-internal comms bananatag

ROLE Internal Communicator
INDUSTRY Healthcare
CO. SIZE 25,000


"The data gave me the ability to ask myself ‘what’s wrong with my survey? Is it too long? Is it targeting the right people?’ I would have never been able to ask these questions before."


Kate's Internal Comms Story

Surveys are a popular engagement tool at Kate’s organization. Like many large companies, hers has a history of acquisitions which has resulted in over 25,000 employees across ten separate offices. They don’t often speak with each other, and on top of all that, 50% of that workforce is remote. Kate sent out an employee feedback survey via email and unfortunately almost no one responded. Before sending another 15,000 emails, Kate wanted to know exactly what the problem was.

The Bananatag Data

The data showed that employees were in fact both opening the email and clicking through to the survey. Lots of them -- 85% of those that opened the email accessed the survey link:

kate-data-internal comms

How It Went Down

No one wasted any time over analyzing the email Kate had sent since it was clear it had served its purpose — the design of the survey itself was the cause of the low number of employees responding. Kate went to work improving the survey instead.