Over the next seven days, we'll be sharing seven real-life success stories from internal communicators on how their Bananatag internal email data has helped improve their work. We chose to anonymize company names because we all know the approval process is a pain and we didn't want these stories to go untold. Follow along: #7daysofIC


ROLE Manager, Internal Comms
CO. SIZE 45,000+


"Now that we understand how our employees actually used email, we've dramatically reduced the number of internal emails we send. " 


Tom's Internal Comms Story

Tom was hired into a senior role at his organization and was immediately tasked with creating a plan to improve employee engagement. Although his experience and intuition told him that his department was sending way too many global internal emails, he was met with a lot of resistance when he suggested departments cut certain types of messages or batch them together. Tom was in a rebellious mood, and with the annual survey still months away, he decided to take a different approach.

The Bananatag Data

After collecting data for just a few weeks, Tom had the numbers he needed to prove his intuition. Open rates and click rates were much lower than even he had anticipated, and it was clear that the channel wasn’t reaching employees as intended.

tom-data-internal comms-bananatag

How It Went Down

Tom's team used the data from all the internal emails being sent to justify reducing the number of global emails to all employees to just two per week (from the one to two per day being sent previously). Engagement increased despite fewer emails and information feedback from employees has been very positive. Not too shabby, Tom. Not too shabby at all.

tom-how- before and after email analytics