Over the next seven days, we'll be sharing seven real-life success stories from internal communicators on how their Bananatag internal email data has helped improve their work. We chose to anonymize company names because we all know the approval process is a pain and we didn't want these stories to go untold. Follow along: #7daysofIC

matt-profile-internal comms bananatag

ROLE Manager, Internal Comms
INDUSTRY Entertainment
CO. SIZE 3,500


"Having the numbers to back up these new techniques and strategies proves that video is a worthwhile and valuable pursuit."


Matt's Internal Comms Story

Matt had an idea -- a brilliant idea, in fact. He and his internal communications team were going to take on the task of creating internal videos. But one thing was missing: they needed a way to prove their efforts were working and actually engaging employees. After setting up Bananatag, Matt tracked his outgoing internal emails, and compared the click metrics between emails containing video links and his traditional emails. He also experimented with sending emails at different times during the day, as well as the frequency of emails with video links.

The Bananatag Data

The data spoke for itself, with opens and clicks sharply increasing for emails containing video features since implementing the new strategy. Matt was right all along -- way to go, Matt:

matt-data-bananatag internal video analytics

How It Went Down

Basically, the numbers backed up by Matt's intuitions that video was a worthwhile pursuit in his organization's internal communications. Video was here to stay:

matt-how internal email helped video strategy