Over the next seven days, we'll be sharing seven real-life success stories from internal communicators on how their Bananatag internal email data has helped improve their work. We chose to anonymize company names because we all know the approval process is a pain and we didn't want these stories to go untold. Follow along: #7daysofIC

jen-and the email from HR-bananatag

ROLE Manager, Internal Comms
INDUSTRY Healthcare
CO. SIZE 25,000+


"Now we have evidence to back up our work and prove our rebrand has been successful -- we're not just going off a 'feeling' anymore."


Megan's Internal Comms Story

Megan’s organization underwent a large-scale rebrand last year. The change meant consolidating dozens of related brands into one unified identity and eventually revoking the ability of all other individual business units to send mass emails to all employees. Megan and her team of five were tasked with making one unified voice ‘work’ for the entire organization, despite a chorus of skepticism internally that global messages would be ignored.

The Bananatag Data

Tracking the email engagement rates during and after the rebrand reinforced that the change was overwhelmingly positive with more employees engaging with recurring internal updates:

megan-internal comms-data *Engagement over 100% is due to repeat opens from staff on multiple devices.


How It Went Down

Throughout the period of rapid change during the rebrand at her organization, Megan’s team was able to continually use the data from emails being sent. High engagement rates proved a single internal voice was working and squashed any surviving skepticism about their strategy. High five, Megan!

megan-before and after-internal email data
This is what the rebrand looked like for Megan, represented with a fictional organization.