Over the next seven days, we'll be sharing seven real-life success stories from internal communicators on how their Bananatag internal email data has helped improve their work. We chose to anonymize company names because we all know the approval process is a pain and we didn't want these stories to go untold. Follow along: #7daysofIC

sara-profile-the employee story-bananatag

ROLE Manager, Internal Comms
INDUSTRY Non-profit
CO. SIZE 14,000


"It's rewarding to be able to tell employees that their work is being seen and appreciated by thousands of staff members around the world."


Sarah's Internal Comms Story

In Sarah’s role as an internal communicator at a well-known international charity, one aspect of her job is to collect meaningful stories from employees in the field. This has always been an important part of her content strategy and mission -- sharing the good work her associates are doing to help people around the world. When Sarah started tracking her internal emails, she found an unanticipated (and awesome) benefit in being able to share open and click metrics with the specific employees sharing their work stories internally.

The Bananatag Data

Using the click metrics from a recent email sent that featured a photo gallery of one of the employee's incredible relief efforts, Sarah could see exactly how many employees were clicking through to the gallery from their internal newsletter:

sarah-data-internal comms-bananatag

How It Went Down

Sarah's team was pumped. They were finally able to recognize staff members' contribution to their content, with the added reinforcement of seeing how many clicks the photo gallery received from employees worldwide. Needless to say, it was an email any employee would be happy to receive:

sarah-sharing success-internalcomms-bananatag