Here's what's new under the hood and around the Engineering Department at Bananatag:

  • We've updated our Outlook Add-in to better support emoji and special characters in email designs, just like this: 🍌
  • The Outlook Add-in now has better support for distribution list size resolution. This means that the number of recipients you send to is automatically updated in your account when sending from Outlook.
  • Our Outlook 365 integration now supports shared mailboxes, just like its big brother.
  • We've improved the experience when upgrading to one of our new Internal Comms plans through your account (, and we hope you try it sometime.
  • Subscript and Superscript options are now available for all typefaces supported in the Email Designer. Formatting dates and formulae is now as sweet as C12H22O11.
  • Our site has gotten a UI upgrade. The top navigation and outbound emails list/filter options in your account have been updated in line with our Email Drafts update and new Clickmaps features.
  • We've improved the systems we use to detect your recipients' aggregate device type, operating system and mail client information.
  • Fixed: That issue you might have experienced with bullet points is no more.
  • Fixed: We’ve fixed an issue some users experienced initiating tracking from Outlook 2016 for Mac.
  • Fixed: We fixed an issue where certain types of URLs wouldn't function as expected in your emails.


Some users may have experienced an issue saving templates over the weekend earlier in the month. This was the result of implementing new security measures. Apologies to anyone that may experienced an issue, but be rest assured that your data is really, really secure.


Meet a Developer: Cerize Santos

meet_a_Bananatag_developer_cerize_santos_vancouver.png Cerize joined our team in 2016 as a Full Stack Developer. When she is not trying to convince the other devs that redux state is better than react local state, she is doing some cat-related activity, such as hanging out with one of her cats or coding cat-themed games.