Here's what's new under the hood and around the product teams at Bananatag:


Your Bananatag Account

  • Resolved an issue where metrics on links with very long URL addresses (over 500 characters) may be have been inaccurately reported
  • Resolved an issue in the email designer where extra spaces might have been added when clicking on empty line breaks
  • Resolved an issue where hitting backspace after creating a new paragraph style in the email designer could remove applied styles
  • Resolved an issue where PDF/CSV files containing email metrics may have failed to export
  • Increased the reliability of Bananatag’s link conversion, improving the handling of links containing special characters from Sharepoint and similar intranets
  • Added response headers to meet security requirements when handling requests to create, read, update and delete data in Bananatag
  • Added the ability to send notifications from multiple Bananatag accounts to a single email address


Integrations and more

  • Added a manual refresh button to the Bananatag Outlook add-in (Classic) to enable the manual fetching of new email drafts
  • Resolved an issue in the Bananatag Outlook 365 add-in where the subject from a template occasionally wouldn’t be inserted into the email
  • Resolved an issue in the Bananatag Gmail extension where the wrong tab may have been highlighted while scheduling an email  



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