Here's what's new under the hood and around the product teams at Bananatag:

Your Bananatag Account

  • Added the ability to save your brand colors, fonts, and styles in Bananatag using the new Email Designer Branding Settings page 
  • Added the ability to save your button styles using the new Email Designer Branding Settings page 
  • Improved user experience when searching employee records stored in Bananatag with advanced pagination features 
  • Added the ability to easily convert templates built in Email Designer 2.0 to Email Designer 3 
  • Added a guided tutorial for new users of Email Designer 3 
  • Granted the ability for admin level users to create new drafts from any existing emails sent by other users of their Bananatag Account 
  • Added icons to to easily identify which emails have been sent from the Bananatag App versus those sent from email clients 
  • Improved user experience during the domain verification process with additional instructions for accounts setting up List Management 
  • Fixed an issue preventing users from downloading PDFs of email drafts built in Email Designer 3 and improved the quality of PDFs exported from Email Designer 3 


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