Here's what's new under the hood and around the product teams at Bananatag:


Email Designer 3

  • Released a set of new templates for use in Email Designer 3 across as well as our Gmail and Outlook integrations 
  • Added the ability to upload GIFs 
  • Added a text element to survey quick blocks 
  • Added a warning to remind users to enter a survey title for reporting purposes 
  • Upgraded blocks so that users can now move elements between them 
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to select more than two blocks at the same time 
  • Fixed an issue where sending a template as a test resulted in an error message 
  • Updated URL validation in the Email Designer to allow for sharing intranet links with top-level domains that vary from organizations’ primary domains 


Your Bananatag Account

  • Updated the List Management import mapping process to help users more easily map fields from their employee list source to Bananatag 
  • Added a feature that prevents List Management users from sending a follow up once the open rate for a parent email reaches 100% 
  • Ensured the order which surveys appear on the reports page reflects the order in which they appear in emails 
  • Fixed an issue where CSV exports of email data from Bananatag would only list the first recipient
  • Fixed an issue that was temporarily causing some intranet links to incorrectly show as invalid 


Integrations and more

  • Began rolling out Bananatag’s new brand across our Outlook and Gmail integrations
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the authorization window from opening for some users of our desktop Outlook 365 add-in on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where drafts sent using our Gmail extension would show the sender’s email address as opposed to their Gmail contact name 



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