Here's what's new under the hood and around the product teams at Bananatag:


Your Bananatag Account

  • Fixed an issue where recipient count in reports occasionally differed from metrics in the dashboard 
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a logo on the survey branding settings page would cause a broken image icon to appear on the upload page despite properly uploading 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause button images to break on the Locations Tab when zooming in and out
  • Improved the process for  deactivating individual accounts in Bananatag to prevent users from accidentally deactivating the whole account by mistake 
  • Added a banner to clearly notify users  when their Bananatag subscription is no longer active 


Integrations and more

  • Outlook 365: Changed the default tracking setting from ‘track with primary account’ to ‘track with its own account’ in the Outlook 365 add-in to set alias metrics to be tracked to the alias’ Bananatag account by default



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