Here's what's new under the hood and around the product teams at Bananatag:


Your Bananatag Account

  • Added tool tips next to each metric on to explain the metrics and how they are derived
  • Added the ability to toggle buttons and titles on and off for individual columns in the Email Designer
  • Added the option to use a two-wide 'single article block' in the Email Designer
  • Added clarity to error description messages in the Email Designer
  • Resolved an issue that prevented line breaks to be inserted with the return key in the Email Designer
  • Resolved an issue with the table of contents block in the Email Designer that was preventing the table of contents from updating as expected
  • Resolved an issue where block buttons may have changed size when previewing an email design
  • Resolved minor spacing issues on


Integrations and more

  • Added local email scheduling to the Outlook add-in for non-365 desktop versions (this feature can be enabled by your Account Manager)
  • Resolved an issue for the Bananatag Outlook 365 add-in related to tracking and sending that could cause the add-in to hang
  • Resolved an authentication error with case sensitive emails in the add-in for Outlook 365



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