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The 21 Best Internal Communications Podcasts for 2021

The 21 Best Internal Communications Podcasts for 2021

[Last updated: February 2021]

Way back in 2018, when I first started this list, I had to scour corners of the internet to find podcasts that were specifically about internal communications. As a hardcore podcast fan, it was a little disheartening. 

Let’s just say... I don’t have that problem anymore. 

But with the increasing number of internal communications podcasts, and the competing 1.7 million other active podcasts, with over 43 million episodes to choose from, it's hard to know where to start. 

Which is why, year after year, we keep bringing you this list of the best internal comms podcasts.

But before we start, a disclaimer:

Since there are so many internal comms podcasts available now, I've implemented new criteria for how a podcast makes this list. 

#1. They must be about internal communications or employee communications.

#2. They must have uploaded at least one episode in the last year. 

#3. They must be available on a podcasting app like Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc. 

Alight, are you ready?

In no particular order, here are the best internal communications podcasts in 2021: 


#1. Internal Miscommunications

Coming in at our #1 spot is Internal Miscommunications. 

Each episode, Erica Goodwin and Keith Riley-Whittingham interview an internal comms pro about their career path and what they learned from their biggest missteps. 

It’s cathartic, soothing, and inspirational. 

And I know I said this list was in no particular order, and it is, but I still want to acknowledge this awesome podcast for being a step above in a few different ways. 

Here are the reasons Internal Miscommunications is my top pick for 2021:

  • The focus on missteps and failure makes this podcast unique in a sea of seemingly similar interview-style podcasts. It's refreshing. 

  • Hosts Erica and Keith are both former Bananatag customers (and awesome internal communication professionals in their own right) who met in the comment section of Bananatag’s Morning Show, in the peak of pandemic life in 2020. #ThanksBananatag

  • Erica and Keith both have lovely accents that are a delight to the ears and make the listening experience so much more enjoyable.

  • It’s the only podcast on this list that actually has an episode that I’m in (hint, hint to podcasters looking to take the stop for next years list ;)) 

Is that nepotism?

Yes. Yes it is. 

But this is my list, and I do what I want. 

And what I want to do is give the biggest round of applause to Keith and Erica for totally knocking it out of the park. 

Here are my two favorite episodes:

Practically Perfect in Every Way with Rachel Miller


Baste my Turkey (I’m in this one, barely)



#2. The Internal Comms Podcast with Katie Macaulay

This will be the Internal Comms Podcast’s third year on this list and Katie has not let up for a second. 

This year, Katie clocked in 23 episodes with some very interesting guests like Chris Voss, one of the world’s most renowned hostage negotiators and Dr Valerie Young, an expert in Imposter Syndrome.

This podcast really has it all and is definitely worth checking out.

Here's Katie's favorite episode from the year:

Steve Crescenzo – No. 35 ‘How To Do Less, But Do it Better’


You can also check out the show notes here.


#3. Culture, Comms & Cocktails

Number three on this list, but number one in our hearts, is the incomparable Chuck Gose—and he's at it again with another internal communications podcast, this time for SocialChorus

This podcast is jam-packed with that salty, sweet, hard-hitting Chuck Gose flavor we've all come to know and love, and features communicators from huge brands like the American Cancer Society, MGM Resorts & Whirlpool.

Settle in, drink in the internal communications knowledge—some shaken, some stirred, and maybe even some with a twist—and enjoy some top-shelf internal comms wisdom.

Here is a great episode:

How to avoid communication breakdowns with Dr. Leeno Karumanchery 


#4. Calm Edged Rebels

This is the podcast that I’ve been waiting for since I met these three IC all-stars at IABC World Conference in 2019. 

In each episode you’re a fly on the wall for a lively conversation between real-life friends and industry experts Jenni Field, Trudy Lewis, and Advita Patel

In their roundtable they cover common IC challenges like imposter syndrome, productivity, and leadership, and make sure each episode is chock-full of practical tips, tactics, and just plain good ideas.

And coming in at just under 40 minutes per episode, Calm Edged Rebels is an easy one to fit in to get your IC inspiration for the day.

Here's their favorite episode: 

Staying Focused and Being Productive


#5. Do Less Bad

Groovy intro music?

Great accents? ✅

Wit, charm, and great insight? ✅ ✅ ✅

This podcast is another newbie but goodie featuring more of my favorite people.

The premise: It’s easy for companies (and people) to say the right thing, but so much harder to do it.

That’s where Jason Anthoine and Madeline Temple come in.

This podcast takes a look at how companies can do more good simply by doing less bad.

What a concept. 

Here's a great episode: 

Do Less Bad, E10: That One Where Jason and Madeline Talk About Corporate Culture


#6. Remote Control

Remote Control made this list at the beginning of 2020 with just a few episodes under their belt. 

That was before we had any idea about how remote work life was going to take over the world. 

That’s right. They were talking about internal communications with a remote workforce before it was cool... or absolutely necessary. 

Talk about great timing

Listen in to the second season of Remote Control where they uncover insight and tips on how internal communication teams can navigate the tech and cultural changes with the shift to remote working.

Here's a highlight from Season 2:

Looking After Your Own Wellbeing 


#7. Digital Signage Done Right

Sure, it's a bit specific, especially when compared to the rest of our internal comms podcast recommendations here, but you gotta love when a company invests in providing this kind of value for their audience. 

In this podcast, the folks at Visix (a digital signage company) give listeners practical advice from experts on systems, communications, content, and design. Whether you’re using digital signage, or just considering it, this podcast can help you communicate better.

Here's a great episode:

Episode #28: Understanding Organizational Culture & Employee Types


#8. Internal Comms Pro: The Podcast

This podcast is a gem.

It’s professional, thoughtfully structured, and has really high production value that makes it easy to listen to. They've put in a ton of work to create this valuable resource for communicators. 

Each episode uncovers untold stories and lessons of internal communication professionals out in the field who have cracked the code on how to get above their work, innovate, and show their value. 

(Note: The new season drops in February 2021 and will take listeners on a journey that equips them with a follow-along resource guide.)

Here's a great episode:

The Optimal IC Department Structure That Drives Value


#9. For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release is actually a podcast network and a podcast. 

First, let's talk about the namesake of the FIR Network, For Immediate Release.

This podcast is hosted by FIR Network co-founder, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson.

Let’s just talk about Shel Holtz for a minute.

He’s got 40 years of organizational communications experience in both corporate and consulting environments.

He’s a five-time winner of IABC’s Gold Quill award.

He’s written a ton of books on communications and communications technology.

He co-authored the book, How to Do Everything with Podcasting.

And in 2005, he co-founded the first communications-themed podcast ever and has helped several companies start up their own podcasts.

What I am trying to say is: Shel Holtz is the original podcast king and no one is coming for his title anytime soon.

Here’s the latest episode:

FIR #202: We Regret Any Inconvenience 


#9.5. Circle of Fellows (part of the FIR network)

In this podcast, every month, a panel of IABC Fellows gather and talk shop about communications.

Becoming a ‘Fellow’ is the highest honor that can be bestowed on an IABC member. It means that the named communicator has had a significant impact not only on their organization and IABC, but also on the communication profession at large.

So what I’m saying is, this panel knows what they are talking about and you should listen.

Here’s their latest episode:


Circle of Fellows #64: Communications and the Corporate Environment 

EE Voice (also part of the FIR network)

On this podcast, hosts Sharon & Sharon interview different experts about employee engagement, internal communications, best practices, and practical tips to improve employee communications.

Because the interviews and topics are based on overcoming challenges that all communicators will face, and because the advice and insight they dispense is all based on their experiences, this podcast is truly a must listen for communicators.

Here's their latest episode:

Episode #51: Our best IC expert advice from 2020

#11.Engaging Internal Comms

Launched in 2020, the Engaging Internal Comms podcast connects IC to other related fields such as Organizational Development, Transformational Change, Learning and Development, and Employee Engagement.

By challenging some received wisdom in the IC community, this show aims to empower IC professionals to build relevant knowledge and capabilities outside of the traditional bubble of internal communications. 

Through interviews with a diverse range of guests, host Craig Smith from The Big Picture People advocates for IC professionals to become Change Agents and Trusted advisors over just a 'pair of hands' within their organizations. 

Here's a great episode:

Building brand promise from the inside out with Arafa Heneghan


#12. Building Better Cultures

In the Building Better Cultures podcast, Founder and Director of Inspiring Change, Scott McInnes interviews leaders about their views on internal comms and employee engagement.

This podcast is a great resource for both leaders and ambitious communicators that want to gain a new perspective on leadership and change. Regardless of your role in communications, understanding the view from the top is essential to defining and communicating your own internal comms strategy.

And if that doesn’t get you interested, listen anyways and enjoy the sweet sounds of their soothing accents.

Here's a great episode:

Episode 70 with Charli Nordone, Group Creative Director at The Writer


#13. Comms Shift 

The pandemic has brought employee communications to the forefront of many leadership conversations. 

Smarp, an employee communications and advocacy platform, has put together a podcast that tackles all of the top issues facing IC pros today: the role of the internal communicator, how to plan your comms strategy in 2021, and how to make remote teams (and new hires) feel connected… among many others. 

Bottom line: I like what I'm hearing.

Here’s a great episode:

The 4Cs Framework for Enterprise Communicators with Kerri Warner (VP and global head of employee comms at Mastercard)


#14. Employee Buzz

This is a podcast from internal communications agency Davis & Company, hosted by Alyssa Zeff. 

Not only does this podcast cover topics like employee engagement, industry trends, and best practices, but it’s also a window into the life of working at a communications consultancy like Davis & Company. 

Also, each episode ends with a game, which is pretty fun too. 

Here's a great episode:

Revisiting our predictions for 2020 

#15. Internal Communication in the Raw

For IoIC's (The Institute of Internal Communication) new podcast series, IC practitioners share their experiences and views on the world of internal communications, evoking honest and open discussion to challenge our thinking. 

In an easily digestible format, these 15-minute podcasts are produced by Ed Palmer of 212 Radio and hosted by Dominic Walters, IC Leadership Consultant and IoIC Advisor, and Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive of IoIC.

Here's a great episode:

What does an inclusive organisation look like?



#16. Internal Comms Talk

Internal Comms Talk is a new podcast with the purpose of improving relationships between leaders and employees by bringing the human element back into internal communication. 

When it seems like all we do is talk about the challenges of internal communications, Internal Comms Talk is a breath of fresh air that aims to focus listeners on moving forward and achieving results rather than dwelling on the problems. 

Whether you’re an executive, leader, or in HR or internal comms, this podcast is for you.

Here's a great episode:

Leading By Example 


#17. The Internal Communications Podcast by Happeo 

The Internal Communications Podcast (brought to you by Happeo) tries to cover everything you need to know today as a professional in IC. 

In each episode, host Jonathan Davies discusses relevant topics with professionals from all around the world.

Here's a great episode: 

The future of fearless communications


#18. Engagement Express 

Engagement Express is a podcast series for HR, engagement, and communication professionals hosted by Kate Isichei

Kate is a global employee engagement and communications professional with over 20 years experience of working in multinational organizations. She has worked in senior roles for AON, Medtronic, Sage, Infosys and other blue chip companies. 

Each episode, she brings all of this experience to the table and provides inspiration and tips on how to build and increase engagement in your organizations.

Here's a great episode:

Interview with authors of 2008's Engage for Success report - Nita Clarke and David Macleod



#19. GovComms: The Future of Government Communication 

Listen in on conversations with industry greats, experts, and innovators from around the world on communications in the public sector and government. 

Each episode, they talk best practices and provide resources to help government and public sector communicators strategically communicate policies, services, and regulations.

They even dive into storytelling, measurement, and content strategy.

If you're in government, this is a communications podcast too comprehensive not to check out.

Here's a great episode:

Building and Sustaining High Performing Teams 



#20. Dare To Be Deliberate

Ready to level up your comms career?

Then you better check out this insightful podcast from Angee Linsey, of Linsey Careers Recruitment & Coaching

Angee is all about helping communicators find amazing opportunities and manage their careers with intention. She's funny, kind, and whip smart. 

In Dare To Be Deliberate, she interviews comms leaders on topics that really resonate in 2021, like how communicators can move through moments of crisis to transform themselves and their organizations for the better. 

There are also short episodes featuring Angee’s sage career advice (under 10 mins) which are perfect when you need a little pick-me-up! 

Here are two great episodes:

John Onoda, Senior Advisor, Gagen MacDonald: From Crisis to Transformation


Short: Curiosity and the Informational Interview


#21. The Simpplr Podcast

And last, but definitely not least, is a new podcast from Simplrr

Simpplr is a modern employee intranet company focused on transforming internal comms and workplace culture. 

In this podcast, they dive into different series that really resonate in 2021, like how to create intranet content that will lift up your employees’ spirits. 

If you’re looking for tips on communication, engagement, and how to leverage your communication technology, this is the podcast for you.

Here’s a great episode: 

Essential Content Every Intranet Needs


And that’s it!

If you liked this list, be sure to check out our favorite internal communication blogs, which we will soon be updating, and stay tuned for my next post where I will catalogue all the best free resources for internal communicators in 2021!

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