Welcome to another episode of Blackboard Basics.

Today's video is all about how to measure what content is most popular with employees and how to use this information when planning your new content.



Today we’re going to talk about how you can measure which content is most popular on each of your internal communication channels, and how you can use this information to ensure that you’re always spending your time creating content that will be useful to employees.

We’re going to talk about all of the different kinds of content that employees access through your internal emails or newsletters, the intranet, your enterprise social network, or anywhere else you’re linking employees to.

But, a quick note before we go further...

Creating popular content doesn’t mean just making things fun and more likely to be clicked on.

This video isn’t about clickbait, or even how you share your links. Instead we’re going to show you how to get a better understanding of what employees in your organization want and need, using the click metrics you’re hopefully already capturing.

Let’s get into it.



Measuring popular content across all of your employee communications channels

I think it was Shakira that said "my clicks don’t lie," and this is true.

Link clicks are generally one of the most accurate and useful metrics you can look at when it comes to measuring what employees are interested in and need.

You should aim to get a report of the most viewed pages or most clicked links on every internal communication channel you’re using.

Measuring popular content on your intranet or Sharepoint

Your intranet should have metrics. If it doesn’t, you can use Google Analytics to measure your most viewed intranet pages. Google Analytics is a great tool for measuring your intranet because it is compatible with SharePoint, and it’s free! 

If you'd like to start collecting data on how employees use your intranet or what content is most popular with employees, here’s a template we built to help you get Google Analytics set up on your employee intranet. 

Measuring popular content on your employee social network

If you have an employee social network, you should be able to get some metrics on employee engagement or link clicks too. These are typically built into dashboards in the platforms themselves.

Measuring popular content in your employee newsletters and employee emails

And of course for employee newsletters and email, if you use Outlook or Gmail, you can use Bananatag to easily report on all of the links you share in email.

By keeping track of the most popular links on each of these channels monthly or quarterly, you have hard data on what is most useful and interesting to employees.


Start with link clicks on employee emails

If measurement is new to your organization, you’ll likely want to focus your initial measurement activities on your email channel, for two reasons:

  1. Email is almost always the main way you share links with employees (and employee surveys consistently tell us that employees prefer to receive their communications through email).

  2. If you don’t have metrics on your other channels yet, your email metrics can help fill in the gaps. Since links are so often shared through email, you’re probably already using this channel to drive most of your clicks to your intranet or employee social network.

Just by measuring which links get the most clicks in your email, you’ll already have a great idea of which links are most popular.

In Bananatag, you can run a report to see what links are clicked most for any email. You’ll want to be able to report on these metrics over a longer time span, like the last year, as well as monthly.


How to use employee click data to improve your internal content 

So you have your top links, either from your emails or your other internal channels. Now, what do you do with this information?

Using employee click data to find evergreen employee content

You'll find some things are always popular, like your company's vacation policy, or information on how employees can book their vacation.

This is evergreen employee content, because it’s always relevant. 

This means you should make sure it’s up to date and that it’s accessible on mobile devices too.

Using employee click data to understand why certain content is popular

For links that get a surprising number of clicks, try to figure out what motivated so many employees to click. Ask yourself, "what was in it for them?" 

You’ll likely learn something new about the colleagues you communicate with or discover a new trend to investigate.

Using employee click data to plan content for employees

You can use data on link clicks from your various internal channels to help you plan your content for the months ahead.

If a specific topic was popular last month, you don’t start from scratch and find a new topic next time.

Follow up on what was already popular. Find out what questions employees had about that topic and help answer those next time.


With just basic measurement you can plan content based on what you know employees want and need.

With just basic measurement you can plan content based on what you know employees want and need and it will help make every piece of content you create more effective.