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The Cerner Consulting Division communications group sends out bi-monthly email communications to its more than 6,000 associates, but it did not have a clear understanding of how broad the readership was.

I was brought on to improve internal communications, which included revamping the associate newsletter,” says Megan Romer, program coordinator at Cerner. “I needed to implement a tool to establish a baseline to compare future statistical growth.

In addition to tracking views, it was also important to identify the click-through rate to articles posted on the internal portal “uCern”. While its portal provides its own view tracking, Romer was looking for additional metrics. “Associates could have viewed the article outside of the newsletter linking them to it, so we wanted to know what the impact of posting it in the newsletter was, compared to just on uCern.” The Cerner team also wanted to see the performance of the newsletter in a single view, rather than navigating to each page to access the number of views.


The Cerner Communications group evaluated several vendors to meet its needs, but found that using third-party email services did not fit the current process. Cerner wanted to find a solution that did not add additional work to how the newsletter was sent out. “We already built a distribution list that was managed in Outlook, so it would have doubled the work to move this list to another system and manage it there,” says Romer.

Cerner found that similar vendors who allowed it to continue to send from Outlook were extremely difficult to set up and use. It needed to find a solution that Cerner executives could easily pick up and start using, rather than complicated email tracking and automation systems. “We decided on Bananatag because of the user-friendliness of it,” says Romer. “The Outlook addin only took a few minutes to install, and new team members could easily install and become experts in tracking and reporting within 30 minutes. It allowed us to smoothly transition the distribution list that was housed in Outlook. We didn’t need to change anything.”


Bananatag has given the Cerner team a better understanding of the content that its associates find relevant and interesting, and in turn, has allowed them to improve the level of engagement with articles. Since using Bananatag, 85% of Cerner associates find the content both relevant and interesting to their role; a result that Romer is very pleased with. “I am confident that Bananatag helps our employees have access to more relevant information. We now have a very good indication of the types of articles that are most popular with our audience, which allows us to create content we know employees find useful.


bananatag internal email metrics dashboard
“I strongly recommend Bananatag to other internal communications professionals,” says Leslie Laskey, program manager at Cerner. “Bananatag provides valuable, actionable data for a minimal time and cost investment. In terms of using the tool, we didn’t have to change what we were already doing and it does all the work for us. When we are ready to put the data into action, we can. Until then, it is collecting for us when we need it.”