Medxcel Facilities Management is here to lead the transformation of healthcare facilities management by incorporating a new approach to providing services. Created by healthcare, for healthcare, we have a dedicated focus on our people and customers, as well as providing tools, processes, support resources, data analytics and insource strategies that drive results. We refer to this focus as iSERVTM, which represents Inspired People, Service Excellence, Engaged Customer, Reach and Value Optimization.



Mass communicating across an organization without knowing if your messages are being received or opened can be a shot in the dark.  In most situations, collecting useful data on open rates and readership is challenging.

As a member of an internal communications team, charged with keeping associates aware and aligned with the organization’s Mission, Core Values and business strategy, Jennifer Andrick understands this challenge all too well.

"As internal communicators, sometimes we struggle to have a seat at the table. Email is our biggest channel of communication and the most important channel."

With only a small portion of Medxcel Facilities Management's (Medxcel FM) 2000-plus associates based at headquarters and the remainder working in locations across the United States, the task of gauging associate perception is made more difficult due to a decentralized workforce. Along with this, many of Medxcel FM’s associates work in healthcare facilities, which means the internal communications team finds themselves competing for associate attention as they carry out responsibilities in a hectic healthcare environment.

Email is the primary method of communication for the internal team to reach a highly segmented workforce and maintain associate interest and understanding of what’s going on across the organization. Medxcel FM’s ultimate challenge, says Jennifer, is keeping associates engaged.

“If they don't feel like they're part of a team and greater purpose, they're going to find somewhere else to work. We want to make sure they know how important they are to us," says communications pro, Jennifer.

Internal email at Medxcel FM was a guessing game. "Measurement and measuring effectiveness has been a huge struggle for us professionally. It’s something I've heard my colleagues talk about across the board," says Jennifer.


"Before Bananatag, my team didn't know if any of our communications were effective; we never got any feedback on our emails,” Jennifer says. Frustrated with email's lack of metrics and actionable data, Medxcel FM began using Bananatag to track their internal emails and monthly newsletters—key fixtures in their communications strategy.

With Outlook being Medxcel FM's primary email client, it was incredibly easy for their IT team to install Bananatag. The internal communications team was able to quickly begin tracking open and click rates.

"We wanted to have the data so we could show our stakeholders there’s a reason why we do what we do and why communication is important for our organization.”

"We brought IT into one of the early meetings to see if Bananatag was compatible, and there were no problems. They were super satisfied with how simple it was," says Jennifer. Medxcel FM later set up sub-accounts for other business units in the company, also proving to be an easy process.

For internal communicators like Jennifer, getting the data meant more than just insight into communications. "We wanted to have the data so we could show our stakeholders that there’s a reason why we do what we do and why communication is important for our organization."


Implementing Bananatag has given Medxcel FM data-backed insight into its communications. And receiving actionable data allows the internal communications team to accurately execute new communication strategies.

“Email is our number one method for reaching our associates," says Jennifer. "Now that we have Bananatag, we can start tracking our email communications and determine what’s engaging them the most as well as what’s not getting opened.

With Bananatag, keeping all associates informed and on the same page is easier than ever.

"Bananatag gives us the tools to prove that we have what it takes to build up strategies and send out more effective communications"

“As internal communicators, sometimes we struggle to have a seat at the table. Bananatag gives us the tools to help us build communication strategies and send out more effective communications," says Jennifer. Having used Bananatag for just over a year, Medxcel FM has seen massive changes in their tracking data, with open rates increasing from 30% at the start to now 60% for each email. Jennifer and the team were also surprised to learn that sending separate email newsletters, which would often take weeks to write, were not getting as much return on time invested as expected.

"Now we bundle everything into a weekly email," says Jennifer. Prioritizing important organization news and action items at the top of emails and nice-to-know information at the bottom has garnered praise from managers who really appreciate the effective changes the internal communications team has made as a result of the Bananatag data. These changes also mean that the team saves time by focusing only on stories and news that matter most to associates. With actionable data, the team has completely shifted its thinking on how to use email for mass communication.

Medxcel FM has also made good use of the mobile device data Bananatag provides. "The mobile device data is really important because I see a need for having to come up with a mobile readership strategy for our communications," says Jennifer.

Understanding how many associates read communications on their mobile devices is crucial when writing, formatting and optimizing internal emails. Bananatag finally gives Medxcel Facilities Management the tools to strategize and create more compelling communications for their associates across the United States.