We spoke to Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations Elisabeth Wang from Piedmonth Healthcare about how Bananatag's internal email data helped her send fewer, but more impactful internal emails. Scroll down for the video below!

"Bananatag was really the best solution for partnering with IT to create an enterprise solution for us."

Hear how data helped Elisabeth and her clients communicate more effectively:



Video Transcription:

Elisabeth: I’m Elisabeth Wang, I’m the Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations at Piedmont Healthcare.

We’re located in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re a 7 hospital healthcare system with 18,000 employees. As an internal communications professional, I really see it as my job to be a consultant to our clients in the organization. It’s my job to help steer them the right way, to get their message to the organization.

As everyone knows and I think I hear from all of my colleagues across the country, employees are inundated by email. There are too many emails being sent on a daily basis. So that was one of the challenges I wanted my team to address and fix. We started looking for a company -- a partner, to help us with this, and we knew that we needed to be able to track opens and track click-throughs, so we could really prove and have the data to show which emails were effective, and which vehicles were the best for our organization.

When IT got involved and they started looking at the different companies, Bananatag was really the best solution for partnering with IT to create an enterprise solution for us.

With the data that we had, we could show them that the Leader’s Dose, our enewsletter for leaders was the most effective channel for their message, that they didn’t always need a standalone email to go out about every initiative, and therefore we’ve reduced the number of emails in our organization and we’ve helped get our clients message across.

The other thing that Bananatag helps us do with click-through rates, is test content and see what types of content our employees and leaders are most interested in. We take a close look at what our top five links are in each newsletter, so that we can provide more of that content knowing that employees are more likely to open emails to click through to see that kind of information.

With Bananatag’s help, we have the data to help our clients communicate more effectively.