We caught up with Manager of Internal Communications Tina Knight of Scripps Networks Interactive about how she uses Bananatag internal email data to track her national and international weekly email newsletters. Scroll down for the video below!

"It's a great way to determine where you should put your resources."

Hear Tina's thoughts on her internal email analytics:


Video Transcription:

Tina: My name is Tina Knight and I'm with Scripps Networks Interactive headquartered in Knoxville Tennessee. We're the parent company of lifestyle cable networks such as HGTV, Food Network, and Travel Channel. We send a daily email newsletter to all of our US offices and a weekly email newsletter to all of our international offices and we didn't really know what our employees were interacting with, what they found useful, helpful and so that was one of the challenges that we had.

The reason we chose Bananatag is that it works with the email system we have in place, it works directly with Outlook. One of the things that we were surprised to find out about was how many people were engaging with our daily email. Last year alone we had a 98% open rate and we know that thanks to Bananatag.

Also, it's a fun thing every day to see where in the world people are when they open the email, it's become a kind of a thing where we're checking countries off the list, as well as to see what devices they're using, that way we know that if we have a high mobile rate and checking those emails, then maybe we need to watch how long and wordy and verbose those messages are. So it helps us to tighten up our messaging as well.

It's a great tool that other companies can use if they're not really sure who's reading what, what's getting engagement. It's just a great way to be able to determine where you should put your resources.