We caught up with Manager of Culture and Engagement Katy Campo of Allegiant Air after her presentation in Las Vegas last month to hear how Allegiant uses Bananatag internal email data to manage their rapid growth and see how employees are engaging with internal content. Scroll down for the video below!

"We’ve been able to use Bananatag to help track [our daily emails], and not only to show them hey yes, it’s working."


Hear Katy's thoughts on her internal email insights for her employees in the sky:


Video Transcription:

Katy Campo: So I’m Katy Campo; I’m the Manager of Culture and Engagement at Allegiant.

Allegiant is an ultra low-cost carrier, we specialize in flying under-served cities to big tourism destinations non-stop at a very low cost and it’s a lot of fun because everything we do is based on the destination. It’s either about going to the beach, going golfing, going to theme parks, and we’ve got about 3,600 employees right now system wide.

The challenge we were facing is we grew very quickly over a short amount of time. All of our work groups were doing their own internal communications, there was no tracking there was no branding. So when my team took over most internal communications, they wanted metrics.

If we’re sending emails to 3,600 people that are literally in the sky, how do we know that they're reading it and that they’re understanding it.

We’ve been able to use Bananatag to help track them, not only to show them hey yes, it’s working, they’re not only reading it but now they’re taking action on the things that we’re sending them but also trying to scale back on the amount of communications that we're sending out to people.

Bananatag was the best solution. We could easily integrate it, my team of six can use it, and then the reporting is so easy.

When my team started it, we kept forgetting to click the [track] email button, so what I did is I bought stress bananas, so when you walk into our open work environment you see a slough of desks with bright yellow stress bananas on them, but it helps us remember to activate the Banantag functionality when we send emails.