Bananatag's popular employee comms add-in for Outlook is now available in Outlook 365, and for the first time, MacOS through Outlook 365.

This release makes it possible for internal communicators in organizations using Outlook 365 on any platform to build and send beautiful, responsive HTML emails, right from Outlook.

And now, any organization transitioning to Outlook 365 in the future will be also be able to seamlessly bring all of their Bananatag templates and account data into 365.


MacOS support through Office 365

Our Outlook 365 add-in provides support for communicators in organizations using MacOS and Office 365, through the 365-enabled version of Outlook 2013 or 2016 for MacOS.

For the first time, Bananatag’s Email Designer, Email Templates, and Email Scheduling are available for communicators using desktop and web versions of Outlook 365 on MacOS.

Customers using Outlook 365 can enable the latest version immediately from the store inside of 365 (details below). For communicators not yet using Bananatag, get a free two week trial of our employee email solution to try it!


Your employee comms workflow, integrated with Outlook 365

Bananatag is an employee email solution built for the unique challenges of modern internal communicators. In Outlook 365, communicators can access every email design and distribution features we offer, right from the email client.

Responsive drag and drop Email Designer for employee emails

Our full HTML Email Designer, previously only available for desktop versions of Outlook, is now in 365. The Email Designer can be accessed by creating a new draft from the main sidebar:


Save time with employee email templates for Outlook 365

Along with our drag and drop Email Designer, Outlook 365 has access to our expanding collection of employee email templates in our Template Library, accessible within 365 (on desktop or web) when creating a new draft.


The creation flow inside Outlook 365 also allows you to start a new email draft from any existing template in your account, a template from the Template Library or completely from scratch.


Desktop and mobile preview of employee emails

Within the Email Designer inside of Outlook, you can now see a full desktop and mobile preview of your message before clicking send, without needing to leave the Outlook 365 interface you send from.



Schedule unlimited employee emails in Outlook 365

Our interface inside 365 also brings Email Scheduling to Outlook 365 users, and makes it easy to manage multiple outgoing communications with Email Drafts, accessible from the Bananatag sidebar in the main Outlook Ribbon:


Using the Email Drafts view, you see both the emails you are working on and those which have been scheduled all in one place.

Any email that has been created in your account as a draft can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent anytime in the future:



Seamless access to Bananatag across desktop Outlook 365 and web version

For organizations already on Outlook 365, enabling Bananatag also allows you to access all of these features in the web version of Outlook 365, accessible through



How to install Outlook 365

If you’ve been using an older version of Bananatag for Outlook on Windows, you will need to manually remove the non-365 Bananatag Add-in.

For customers already on Outlook 365 with active Bananatag Accounts, installing the Add-in for 365 is as easy as enabling Bananatag through the 365 Store, accessible from the main Outlook 365 ribbon:


It’s strongly recommended to manually remove any older versions of Bananatag from your mail client before enabling the add-in for Outlook 365.

Start typing ‘bananatag’ in the search box, and our add-in will appear, ready to be added.

Note that you will need to log into your active Bananatag Account to access the features mentioned above.