To help answer some of the most common questions surrounding why tracking internal communications is so important for large organizations, we've released a whitepaper that summarizes the benefits that measuring engagement with emails can provide internal comms teams, senior management, and of course, employees.

From companies with a hundred team members in a single office to corporations with 100,000 employees worldwide, organizations adopting email measurement are quickly finding that the insights into how employees interact with emails provide the most tangible way to understand and improve visibility of key internal messages.

Additionally, email analytics can greatly help organizations understand and improve all other internal channels and communications as a whole. We touch on the relationship between internal emails and other digital channels in this document, particularly the relationship between email and intranet content.

We also go more in-depth into four key advantages internal communicators gain from tracked email data, including having the ability to consistently deliver content employees are interested in and helping reduce information overload.

Since beginning to offer email tracking plans and analytics specifically for internal communicators, we've found that any hesitation in implementing email metrics quickly disappears once a team tracks their first email. Simply put, it's most often universally received as a simple and low cost way to get a wealth of new insight on employee engagement.

Part of our motivation for providing this document is to allow members of communications team to quickly bring all internal stakeholders up to speed on the importance of measuring engagement with emails, and the benefits that using email tracking can provide the company.

This whitepaper is intentionally six pages in length to be straight-forward and easy to absorb over a cup of coffee.

Download a copy below for yourself or to pass along in your team!

Download the Whitepaper