Video is an incredible opportunity to get your organization’s stories in front of employees. So why can it feel like video in employee comms is so challenging to get off the ground? It’s because it’s often challenging to get your video content actually seen by employees.

Say you finally convinced the CEO to record a video to all staff, and it's going to be hosted on your intranet (or anywhere else).

How can you ensure that:

  1. the video gets seen by the most amount of employees
  2. you capture that engagement data to show leadership that the video was successful


We weren't sure about the answer either, but our customers have shown us that including an attractive video preview in the email body gives internal videos maximum clicks and video views.

We've made it easy to do just that with a new block that enables you to optimize your video content for employee emails.

Combined with the data Bananatag provides on email engagement, it's all you need to prove that video is a valuable channel for your organization.


Add Employee Videos in Internal Emails

The video block inside Bananatag mimics how the video would look embedded into an email (with a play button) to draw users to click on the video content:


How do videos work in emails anyways? As it turns out, video and email traditionally don't play nice together.


Limitations of video in email clients

Due to limitations of most email clients (including Outlook), videos cannot actually play in email recipients' inboxes. Even if a video file was directly linked in an email, Outlook would only show a static image of the first frame.

One popular workaround has been to design video thumbnails for email, that link to videos hosted elsewhere. In our Email Designer, we've automated this process to let you easily share your video content.

Here's how it looks in the Email Designer:


Try it today in your Bananatag account or read on for the full details.


How to use the video block for your internal emails


Drag-and-drop the video block

From the main library of blocks in the Email Designer,  you'll now find the Video Block. Click to add or drag-and-drop in a video block, and then configure the content.

Insert videos hosted on YouTube

For videos hosted on YouTube, simply paste the video’s URL (i.e. into the block. This will automatically pull the thumbnail from the video, and overlay our customizable play button:



And here’s how it looks when generated:



Insert videos hosted on any other platform or the intranet

For videos that are hosted on a different video sharing website (like Vimeo or Wistia), or are hosted on an intranet page, (or anywhere else that can be accessed in a browser), the video block allows you to link directly to the page where the video is hosted.

In these cases, you can use the video block by uploading a thumbnail to use for the video preview, and the URL you want recipients to go to when they click the video block:



Here’s how the custom video block looks once ready:


In the Style tab of the video block inside Bananatag’s Email Designer there are three options for adjusting the size of the thumbnail.


Reporting on engagement with employee video

Once you’ve sent a video through your email client with the Bananatag add-in enabled, log into your account to see the click-throughs the video generated in real time.

With the standard metrics Bananatag provides, you’ll be able to see how many employees opened the email with your video block, and how many times the video block itself was clicked on.

Combined with an email subject line that makes it clear that readers can expect a video, these two metrics (email opens and email clicks) are all you need to diagnosing both the overall employee interest in viewing video in the organization, and the specific engagement with the video block in the email.

How will you use the new video block?