The newest version of Bananatag’s Employee Email Designer is now available for all customers on internal comms plans using Outlook Classic, Outlook 365 and Gmail!

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The easy drag-and-drop email template builder you love, with more flexibility than ever

Incorporating what we’ve learned from solving frustrations with email design for over 500 large organizations, we built the Email Designer 3 on a custom engine. It was created from scratch by our team, specifically for employee communications and the communicators that send them.


What’s new in the Email Designer 3?

For those that have used our current Email Designer before, you'll be relieved to know that the user experience in the Email Designer 3 is similar. What’s new is the ability to create custom blocks, dramatically improved styling options, and performance improvements throughout.

What’s new:

  • Blocks in the Email Designer 3 are completely customizable, allowing for more flexibility in your designs
  • Styling options and block settings have been consolidated into a single view
  • Options for adjusting spacing between all elements and blocks
  • Performance and speed improvements 

Additionally, all block types and styling options from the previous versions are supported. And just as before, all designs are fully responsive across desktop and mobile devices.


Using blocks layouts, elements, and quick blocks

The Email Designer 3 has all of the pre-made building blocks you have used in previous versions. Now they're called quick blocks:


We will keep expanding the selection of quick blocks to allow communicators to create their most commonly used designs faster.

In the Email Designer 3, we also allow for way more design flexibility with new block layouts and elements.


Block layouts in the Email Designer

Block layouts are shells that can have any combination of design elements (like text or photos) added to them. Each block layout allows for a variety of possible column options:


Elements in the Email Designer 3

Elements are assets (like text boxes, images, videos or buttons) that can be used anywhere in designs, in various block layouts:


Split, Swap and Merge block layouts and elements

Layouts and elements can now be modified directly in the Email Designer’s main panel, allowing for groups of elements to be combined in new ways, and for layout changes to be made in one click:



Styling emails in the Email Designer 3

Styling options have been dramatically improved and are always visible when needed. All creation happens in the left panel and all styling happens in the right panel, with text formatting accessible in the main canvas:


Spacing inside blocks (also known as padding) is now possible! There is now a consistent set of controls around each element you have in your design:


Blocks can now be locked from the settings tab, to prevent unwanted clicks and editing:


The image editor inside the Email Designer 3

The Email Designer 3 uses an updated version of the same image editor from 2.0. It’s very similar and will be familiar to anyone who’s used the previous editor:


What’s happening to the old editor (Email Designer 2.0)?

The previous version of the Email Designer will remain available as users transition to Email Designer 3. For now, you’ll have the option to create either types of templates in your Bananatag account.

But don't worry, all designs created in the Email Designer 2.0 will be able to be converted for use with the Email Designer 3 once Email Designer 2.0 is deprecated.


How to access the new Email Designer 3

Email Designer 3 is now available as an option when creating new email designs. Access it at on the new email creation page:



And if you’re not designing employee emails with Bananatag yet, get in touch below to try our most powerful Email Designer yet!