Bananatag now enables you to ensure important emails reach every employee in your organization. You can now send follow up emails to employees who didn’t open your first message (available on Power & Enterprise plans).


Automatically generate lists of employees who haven’t opened your email

Our customers have always loved being able to see how many employees opened their latest email, but most organizations don’t have a way to follow-up with employees who haven’t opened a particular email. 

Our new feature, Follow Ups, allows you to do exactly that by automatically creating a list of recipients who haven’t opened your email.

follow ups w ribbon3


The individual employees on each follow-up list are anonymized to maintain their privacy.

Limit redundant emails for employees who already got the message

Follow Ups will also help you reduce inbox clutter for employees who have already opened your message. 

Sending your reminders as targeted emails will reward employees who open your communications right away while bringing you back to the top of mind for those employees who don’t.


Increase open rates and ensure everyone is on the same page

Communicating a complicated change, or a change that will take months to roll out?

Work with confidence knowing that you have the power to ensure that every employee within your organization is receiving critical messages.



Talk to your account manager or book a demo to see Follow Ups in action today.