Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been working hard to support internal communicators and those now communicating with remote employees during this period of uncertainty.

Some of the projects we’ve launched recently to support you include:

  • The Bananatag Morning Show, where three times per week we’re interviewing experts in HR and communications about how to tackle this crisis internally, sharing tips and tricks, and having a few much-needed laughs.
  • Comms-unity, our Slack community for connecting communicators with experts and peers around the globe to share ideas, collaborate, get advice, and learn from each other.
  • Our Same Day Launch initiative where we’re helping communicators who need a tool ASAP to build and distribute employee communications, and measuring engagement on those communications.
  • An easy-to-use, customizable crisis communication template for all Bananatag users which we've added to all Bananatag accounts.

The mantra that we’ve heard across the community, is that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

So as the situation evolves beyond the initial crisis communications, a lot of communicators are wondering, “What’s next?”

How can you best support your organization and your colleagues moving forward?


How Bananatag is navigating COVID-19 with our own employees

Users on our Power and Enterprise plans may be familiar with our Pulse Survey features already. These features allow any Bananatag user in your organization to check in with their employees, get feedback on their crisis communications, and see what else they can do to help.

These features allow users to track employee sentiment and gather valuable feedback by allowing users to embed pulse surveys directly into any email they build with Bananatag.

At Bananatag, we’ve also been using these Pulse Survey tools to check in with our own employees, and have gathered timely, important, and actionable feedback so we can support our entire organization through unprecedented complexity and uncertainty.

So we decided to take what we’ve learned from our customers and our own experience, and build a new communication template for Bananatag users that will allow them to collect this feedback quickly and easily.


A new email template for gathering feedback 



If you’re on a Bananatag Power or Enterprise plan, a new template titled Remote Work Check-in is now in your account, alongside the crisis communications template we launched a couple weeks ago. 

This template is based on the internal emails we’ve built to check in with our own employees during this crisis. 

To access this template, simply create a new email draft, select Template Library, and then select the template to start customizing it for your organization.



If you’re on a Legacy or Essential Bananatag plan, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. 

We’d love to give you a free Power plan trial so that you can access this template and use our survey features during this critical time. Simply contact your account manager to get started.


How to use our new Remote Work Check-in template

In the new template, you’ll find instructional placeholder content to help you draft your message. 

As some employees may now be working remotely for the first time, it may be helpful to open your message by acknowledging that this may be a difficult transition. Depending on how your organization is approaching remote work, the introduction can also remind employees of the resources in place to support them through this time.

Working with our own internal communications team, we decided to use two survey questions in this template—a quick pulse check to gauge how employees are feeling as well as a pointed question to prompt direct feedback that we could turn into action items. 

Both questions allow comments after the recipient responds to the survey,  so employees can leave written feedback as well (with the option to remain anonymous). 

Of course, all surveys (and email designs) are customizable in Bananatag’s Email Designer so you can tweak the questions to serve your unique audiences and gather the data that is most important to you.

If you haven’t regularly sent pulse surveys to employees before, we recommend using some messaging from our first pulse survey template to explain your approach to collecting feedback during this time, affirming the confidentiality and anonymity of their answers, and explain how you are going to use their feedback to support them further. This will help to encourage responses and relieve concerns your employees may have about responding.


As always, we’ve got your back

If you’re a Bananatag customer and have questions about these templates, or need help using our tools to communicate with your employees, our team is here to help. 

We’re also happy to offer a free trial of our survey features to any Bananatag users who currently do not have Pulse Surveys included on their plan. Please contact your Account Manager to get started. 

And if you’re not using Bananatag yet, we know now might not be the right time to look at a new tool. 

But if you could use some help building, sending, and measuring internal communications to your newly remote workforce ASAP, we can help with Bananatag Same Day Launch. Our team has streamlined our buying and setup process as much as possible so that if you need Bananatag you can get it today. 

Whether you’re a Bananatag customer or just a Bananafan, we’re all in this together and we’ve got this.