There are a few things every internal communicator needs in their toolbox: good measurement tools, a strong communications strategy, and internal email templates for every type of internal message. We already know email templates are handy -- in today’s post, they make the job of setting up an email for a leader or manager (with little time on their hands) easier and more streamlined.

One type of email that shouldn’t be overlooked is the leadership internal email. This is the email update from the CEO, managers or key stakeholders and often includes a more personal message that can generally come from only that person.

This article is all about what goes into the leadership internal email template and unpacking why it makes such an impact on employees.

Why we're excited about this template

leadership-update-internal email template-bananatag

This internal email template is powerful for a few reasons: it leverages the advantages of getting personal and works to humanize your leaders by adding stand-out elements that make it feel like a one-to-one letter.

It looks similar aesthetically to the alert update but it goes beyond this style by adapting it into a personal memo. The design is simple, clean, and gets to the point quickly, making the message easy to understand so employees don’t have to spend too much valuable time trying to absorb it.

A strong leadership internal update communicates in a way that is straight-forward and authentic to the message because there is little to distract from the message itself.

Important to note: In your own leadership internal email update, you’re going to replace that ACME logo and colors throughout with your own organization's branding.

Key elements of a leadership email

There are a few steps you can take to create a more personal leadership update; they don’t take much time to put together but end up making a big difference in terms of giving employees the sense that emails are from someone they know.

What makes this template stand out from all the other company updates?

Photo of the sender of the update: A central theme of this template is the humanizing your leaders and making internal emails personal. The message puts a face to the name and so much of internal communications making an impact is about connecting and communicating as people. The image helps remind employees that messages aren’t coming from any random source. Instead, this email is from a fellow colleague who’s invested in the company and making an effort to ensure that employees are informed and on the same page.

Name of individual: Signing off with a name follows the style of a letter adds to the authenticity of the message. Attaching a name to the message adds a sense of accountability.

Signature: The email signature from the sender at the bottom of the email is a nice personal touch to the message that other leadership emails don’t often provide. It also gives the sense there are a couple ways to accomplish this. You can use Adobe document to create a signature and save it to your profile. You can also get your CEO or whoever is sending the email to write their signature on a piece of blank, white paper and scan and crop it. Another easy-to-use tool to capture a signature is the handwriting tool, built directly in your iPhone. Simply have the individual of the message write the signature and take a screenshot. Voila! You have a signature for your internal emails.

iOS handwritten iMessage interface for creating an email signature

Variations of the leadership internal email update

Video Message
Replacing the image with a video block can help your leader’s personality shine through and connect with the team.
video-block-bananatag-internal email designer

Sometimes Less is More
While this template gives you a go-to, polished format to communicate on behalf of your leaders, it’s not intended for every occasion. Somber leadership messages may work better with plain text, as seen below.
plain-text email- leadership-bananatag

A case for email authenticity

Although authenticity seems to be a buzzword in internal comms these days, authentic communication is hugely important when sending internal messages, especially leadership internal emails.

Certain types of news/updates often have to come straight from leaders and these are the messages that benefit the most from being authentic and personal with employees.

Implementing this email template in your comms helps leaders communicate in a way that is true to who they are, while not distracting from the important messages you need to relay in your organization.