For the past four weeks, we've been reviewing how the free tool Google Analytics can be used to get real-time metrics on your organization's intranet, whether it be a SharePoint intranet or another similar platform.

Now it's time to bring all of that data together into one killer dashboard that will demystify how employees are using the intranet!

Download our Google Analytics intranet measurement dashboard here.

We've done the research and built a dashboard that shows you everything your internal team needs to know about employee engagement with the intranet, and the best part is you can add it to your Google Analytics account in less than a minute through the link in this very post.

Getting this data for your intranet is easy! Here's how our custom dashboard looks:

Google Analytics Dashboard Template for SharePoint intranets

We've included the following key reports for internal communicators:

  • Users - A timeline to show trends for unique visitors to your intranet.
  • Avg. Session Duration - To show you how long the average visit to your intranet lasts.
  • Pages / Session - To show you the average number of unique pages employees are viewing before leaving the intranet.
  • Top Pages by Unique Visitors - A list of the most popular pages on your intranet and how many times they've each been seen.
  • Sessions by City - Broken into a map and list, these views show you where in the world employees are accessing the intranet from.
  • Users by Source - This pie chart lets you easily see the top sources of visitors, whether it be email or direct visits.
  • Sessions by Device Type - A report on how your traffic breaks down in terms of desktop, tablet and mobile visitors.
  • Sessions by Browser - Similar to the report on device type, this report shows you which browsers are most popular among employees.
  • Goal Completions - A view of activity for any specific goal you've configured. For more information on this report, see our post on measuring employee engagement with goals

Get the Analytics Dashboard template

Even if you haven't been following our posts on how to measure your intranet, you can get a huge head start by reading our instructions on setting up Google Analytics on your intranet, and just installing this dashboard template. Once your Analytics account has collected some data, your report will be as complete as the one above.

If you're looking to dig deeper with the full set of reports that Google Analytics provides, please see our posts on understanding internal audiences and measuring engagement with your intranet's content.

Download our Google Analytics intranet measurement dashboard here.

Adding the template to your Google Analytics account

After clicking the link above, you'll be able to instantly load the template into Google Analytics. If you're not already logged in, you'll be prompted to do so.

From there, you'll only need to select the Analytics profile you'd like to add the dashboard to and click Create:

add a Google Analytics template to your account

Customizing your Internal Google Analytics Dashboard

You can customize any of the views! It's actually really intuitive -- you can customize the dashboard by dragging and dropping the reports around, or using the pencil icon on any individual report to access the configuration of any widget and to customize the data and filter to your own needs.

Don't forget: The Google Analytics dashboard reports will always show data for the date range you've chosen on the top right of the interface. Ensure that the date range is set to the time period you're looking to report on before you start diving into the numbers.