Prime the band, we’re celebrating another milestone at Bananatag.

gif of man throwing confetti in celebration of Bananatag culture


We’re officially a certified Great Place To Work®.

And we’re still buzzing with excitement!

This is our first time applying for and receiving this certification, so we thought we’d share our experience, why we applied, what went into it and, lastly, if it was all worth it!

Why we applied to employer certifications and awards

When I joined Bananatag a year ago, I knew in my interview that there was something special and magical about the company, people, and product.

It was hard not to get swept up in the spirit of the place. I even baked banana cookies to seal the deal. (They were banana-flavoured and everything.)

cookies shaped like Bananas

(The sad truth is that they looked better than they tasted... 😉 )

Still, as a B2B SaaS company that’s still growing and scaling up, it's easy sometimes to be overlooked by potential job candidates who are looking for big-name companies to work at.

So when we came across The Great Places To Work ® certification program, we saw it as an opportunity to help validate just how awesome it is to work here–even though our Glassdoor and Indeed confirm it too.

Another reason we looked into this certification is to help us in our hiring efforts. Hiring in a pandemic has been harder than expected.

Deep down, I guess I’m not overly surprised but, with the influx of people looking for new roles, we were hoping that more technical talent would become available.

Low and behold,we’re still competing with the same cohort of other tech companies for limited resources. Given this competitive context, employer certification helps us introduce ourselves for who we are and what we can offer as a career.

So why Great Place to Work ®?

Great Place To Work ® is a very recognizable logo and brand– something most candidates have come across in their career searches or have used to differentiate between companies.

We chose this program to:

  1. Help put our best foot forward with new candidates
  2. Validate our bragging about our workplace culture through a third party
  3. Complement our own internal Employee Engagement survey experience and data
  4. Provide our employees with a sense of pride and ownership


How does it work?

I’d be lying if I said I did it all (or even most of the work) myself.

It took a cross functional team and some real grinding to get it all together. And It wasn’t easy.

It definitely wasn’t a tick-the-boxes type of thing.

It took approximately 80 hours combined and a fair amount of planning, strategizing, writing, and collaborating.

After we filled out the appropriate forms, Great Places To Work ® did their own surveying of our people. They require at least 67% of employees to participate in order to be eligible to receive the certification.

Once Great Places To Work ® sent out the survey and employees started responding, we watched with anticipation as we saw how many people were participating and how our overall ‘trust index’ was progressing.

But we had no access to the data, no knowledge of who participated, and we had no ability to impact how individuals answered.

Soon the deadline for submissions closed and we got the email confirming what we already knew: we made the grade to certify!

Our results: 99% of respondents agreed that Bananatag is a great place to work

Of the 81% of our people who completed the survey, we got a 99% favourable rating.


And while I used to say ‘trust me, it’s great’ now I can say, ‘trust them, they checked!’.

Our Employee Engagement Scores

The reason we were so confident that we’d get a great score was because seeking our employees’ feedback is a regular practice at Bananatag.

In January of 2020, we launched our first employee engagement survey through Culture Amp, and have done 3 more since.



Over the course of these surveys, we’ve collected valuable insights from our people that have helped us make strategic decisions and investments. And we’ve had positive growth in our Engagement Score as a result (see above).

Our Great Places To Work ® and Engagement Scores are so similar, it's eerie. They ask different questions but yet we score highly on trust, something we value highly.

As shown above, our people (who we lovingly referred to as Bananas) are so proud to work here that we beat the industry benchmark by 10%.

And now because we are certified by Great Places To Work ®,our employees can share the great news with their network of friends and family too.

Was it worth it?

Heck yeah!

I’ve been wanting to shout , “GO APPLY AT BANANATAG, WE’RE REALLY AMAZING” from the rooftops for ages.

But now I don’t have to!

The certification does all the convincing for me.

great-place-to-work-certificationWhile the certification is still fresh, we’ll be threading it across various mediums to make potential candidates aware of how great we truly are.

Internally, everyone is very proud. And we’re all excited to see the response as we continue to open more roles and grow our teams..

So, if you’re an awesome person who is looking for a career or company change , check out our careers page and help us continue to make Bananatag a Great Place to Work.