Like many organizations, Bananatag has recently made the transition to a fully remote workforce in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we’ve long embraced flexible work environments and work-from-home days, so the transition has been fairly smooth.

Many organizations are not so lucky. 

Update: This post was originally published on March 18th, 2020. Since then, while organizations around the world have continued adjusting to remote work, Bananatag's development team has quickly pivoted to help our customers. Most of the features we described back in March are now launched and available to Bananatag customers.


Communicators are now faced with the difficulties of figuring out how to work effectively remotely and managing their organizations' ever-evolving crisis response and communications during this particularly challenging time. 


Helping Communication Teams Collaborate Remotely

Bananatag has been used for crisis communications (as well as not-so-crisis communications) since communicators first started using our tools.  Our features are particularly suited to crisis communications because they are built with collaboration in mind. They allow communicators to quickly coordinate across offices, countries, and even continents, to send out critical, relevant, and timely information to distributed workforces, and make sure employees are receiving the most important messages. 

We’ve designed Bananatag to make it easy for large teams and organizations to work together, which is now more useful than ever as the global workforce goes remote. 

Prior to 2020, Bananatag already helped communicators work together by giving them the ability to share Email Templates and Branding Presets organization wide, as well as control over their team and user permissions. We've also always allowed unlimited users on all plan types so that anyone at your organization can use Bananatag to collaborate on communications.

In response to COVID-19, we accelerated development on a set of new features which allowed Bananatag to build the most collaborative internal email designer ever. 


New Email Designer Collaboration Features


Real-Time Editing with Multiple Users


Real-Time Editing, available on any current Bananatag plan, shows you exactly which elements other users are currently editing in the Email Designer, live as you work.

It also prevents two users from editing the same element at the same time. This makes it possible for teams of any size to build and collaborate on employee email communications quickly without any danger of overwriting each-other's work. 


While Real-Time Editing is only available to users on current Bananatag plans, Legacy plan users will still see an indicator if someone else is editing the same email draft.

Legacy plan users will also receive a warning prompt when they first open a draft that another user is already editing, or when another user opens the email draft that their working on. 


Invite Colleagues to Review or Edit Your Emails


While you're working in the Email Designer, you can now invite other members of your organization to collaborate on your email with the click of a button.

You can also grant 'View Only' or 'Edit' access to any existing Bananatag user at your organization, directly from the Email Designer. 

If you're using a Parent Admin, Admin, or Manager level Bananatag account, you can also invite a member of your organization that doesn't have a Bananatag account yet. 

And don't worry, since Bananatag is designed to be shared, adding users within your organization does not increase the cost of your Bananatag subscription.

Everyone's invited!


Email Designer Version History


Version History enables users on Bananatag’s Enterprise plan to view previous versions of email drafts and templates saved in Email Designer 3. Each version is labeled with the name of the user who created the save, making it easy to quickly see the changes and progress made by your entire team. 

You’re also be able to revert to any previous version of your draft or template without deleting your most recent work. You can save the most recent 100 versions of each email and template in your Bananatag account for up to one year.


If you’re an Enterprise user you can access the Version History feature by clicking the line of text beside the save icon that says "Saved at XX:XX XM by USER NAME."


Streamline reviews, approvals, and changes with Commenting features (Coming 2021)


Soon, you'll be able to leave comments directly in the Email Designer, enabling conversations around email content, edits, next steps, and more, to happen directly in Bananatag. This ensures that important notes and questions aren’t lost in other communication channels and everyone is on the same page before your email is sent.

Good-bye long, back-and-forth email approval chains!


If you’re already a Bananatag customer and your team needs help using our tools remotely, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account manager directly. 

If you’re not using Bananatag yet and want to talk about how we can help your team collaborate remotely and communicate with your employees, click the link below.