With the latest Bananatag add-in for Gmail, it’s now possible to schedule and manage any number of outgoing employee emails, right inside Gmail.

The extension will update automatically for customers. If you’re not currently using Bananatag, get a free trial of our Email Solution for Employee Comms here.


Emails can be scheduled and managed from the Drafts view in Gmail.

1. Open the Email Drafts view in Gmail:


2. Select the Schedule function on any existing Email Draft:


3. Set a date and time for your Email Draft to be scheduled, and click Schedule to confirm:


The Email Drafts view will now show the time and date you selected:


You can also access a draft that’s already been scheduled using the steps above in the same way (using Edit Schedule) to update or change the schedule.

Try scheduling in Gmail today! Customers should see this update automatically, but can also manually update through the browser settings.