As an internal communicator, you send daily and weekly emails to thousands of people across distribution lists in your organization. We all know the importance of measuring communications, and we developed Bananatag to make it simple to get detailed metrics and data on the emails that you send.

Our focus has been on integrating with the email clients that organizations are already using, so that anyone can set up and measure their internal communications without needing to log into a separate email platform. Bananatag supports Outlook and Gmail through a lightweight addin, and also easily integrates with any other mail client through an email relay service.

Watch our short product demo in Outlook below, and see step by step instructions for using Bananatag to track internal email within Outlook, and viewing metrics on tracked emails.


Installing Bananatag for Outlook and creating an account

Setup for Bananatag is minimal. The plugin is downloaded from our website and installed as an addin to Outlook, and you can quickly register the email address you'd like to track emails from on the Bananatag website to access your tracked email metrics later on. The setup process takes only a few minutes in total.

Track Emails in Outlook Step 1

Tracking your first internal email

Once Bananatag is installed, you'll see new buttons in your Outlook ribbon, and the option to track your current emails when using the New Message window.

Track Emails in Outlook Step 2

Compose your message as usual, including any images, links, or templates. You can include any number of recipients in distribution lists (or individually) and Bananatag also supports tracking emails send to dynamic distribution lists:

Track Emails in Outlook Step 3

For any email that you'd like to track, just ensure that the Track Email button is selected in this window. As soon as you click send, your email will be tracked and sent through your own server. Any links are automatically tracked as well (unless this feature is disabled) and you'll be able to get data on email opens, and clicks on any links within your email. All tracking happens on the sender's computer, and there's no change to your email or how it is will be viewed by your recipients.

Note that if you use the BCC field only to send internal emails (with the To and CC field blank), you will need to include at least one email in the To field to enable tracking. This can be any email, and a common practice is to include the email address you're sending from.

Viewing Metrics

Your email metrics and reports for all tracked emails are available in your Bananatag account, which is accessible from your browser, or through the My Account shortcut on the Bananatag menu in the outlook ribbon.

Your dashboard shows an overview of your recent activity, including tracked emails, and opens and clicks in the selected date range. This data is updated in real time as opens and clicks happen, so you always have the latest information in your account.

View Tracked Email Metrics Step 1


Each email tag can be viewed in more detail -- including opens, clicks, and the repeat open rate, as well as where each open and click occurred. This data is accessible through the Tags tab, or by clicking on a recently tracked email from the Dashboard. In addition to the total opens and clicks, by entering the number of recipients for a specific email you can also populate fields which display the percentage of opens and clicks (Open Rate and Click Rate).

View Tracked Email Metrics Step 2
Note: inputting the number of recipients to view percentage statistics is required as Bananatag does not track individuals, and we have no way of knowing how many recipients each email is sent to.


The Metrics Overview tab provides more overall engagement statistics for your emails, including repeat vs. unique opens and stats on the kinds of devices that were used to access your emails by your recipients. This data provides more insight on your audience's behavior and how recipients are interacting with your messages.

View Tracked Email Metrics Step 3


Reporting is on your tracked emails is easy. There are preset views for common reports which can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also quickly create, view, and export custom reports on any dimension of your account's activity. Below is an example of a Tags Report, displaying selected dimensions for all emails tracked within the selected date range.

View Tracked Email Metrics Step 4

Track Internal Emails from Lotus Notes and more

Bananatag isn't just for Outlook and Gmail! It's also easy to set up Bananatag for for Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, or virtually any other email client your organization may use. Regardless of the client, you can track emails and view all metrics mentioned above in your account with Bananatag. Please contact us for more information on integration with Lotus Notes or any other mail client.

Get a Free Trial and Start Tracking Your Internal Emails

Bananatag is already being used by hundreds of industry leaders to help make measurable improvements to internal communications based on metrics from tracked emails. For more information, and to start a free trial of Bananatag for Internal Comms, visit