Founded: 1999
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas and Shelton, Connecticut
Employees: 5000
Communication channels: Email newsletters, intranet, town halls, social media, Microsoft Teams, corporate videos

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Dynata is a leading global online market research firm providing first-party data from millions of opted-in consumers and business professionals globally. 

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and Shelton, Connecticut, Dynata has over 50 offices worldwide. They work with more than 5,500 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms, and corporate customers.

About Sarah

Sarah Stockton is the Global Internal Communications Director at Dynata.

Based out of Dallas, Sarah has been leading company-wide communications for Dynata’s 54 international offices for nine years. Sarah reports to the Executive VP of Human Resources, and the majority of her work is focused on HR-related communication.

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Challenge #1- Small team, global audience

For most companies in 2020, there has been no shortage of messages to communicate. Internal communication professionals have to convey more information than ever before—and do so more regularly.

Sarah understands this challenge well.

Sarah has navigated the past year with an internal comms team of two, herself included. The dynamic duo produces the majority of Dynata’s internal communications, including newsletters, an intranet, and CEO communications to support over 5000 employees in 54 offices, in over 20 countries worldwide.

This means a lot of communication, for a lot of employees, without a lot of support or time.

Challenge #2 - No data or metrics 

Dynata is a data-oriented company that delivers reliable consumer data and market insights to their clients.

But when it came to executing a data-backed internal communications strategy, they were stuck.

“Prior to Bananatag, we had no way of tracking our messages. It was just kind of like this black hole. Outlook is kind of this abyss… and you have no idea who is reading things and if it’s hitting or not hitting.”

While her executive team was interested in analytics and results, Sarah didn’t have any metrics to report on. Newsletters were sent out through Outlook with no way to measure open-rates or engagement, or get feedback from employees. 

“Communication is a very hard thing to measure. And we’re big on measurement.” 

The lack of measurement tools meant that Sarah couldn’t evaluate what was working and what wasn’t, or create data-backed communication strategies.

“We needed to figure out a way that we can see what's working, what's not working."

Sarah needed a better way to: 

  • Save time creating internal communications
  • Support communications across the organization with a limited team
  • Provide leadership with data on the impact of internal comms
  • Drive data-backed improvements to their internal comms

Solution: Bananatag's collaborative drag-and-drop email designer and analytics


Bananatag’s Email Designer


Any internal communications professional will tell you that time is their most precious resource.

And an easy way to waste a lot of time is to try and code HTML newsletters into Outlook. So when Bananatag came along, it was a huge relief:

“Email design is not something that we're able to do. I'm not a tech person. And if I can do it, anybody can do it.”

Bananatag’s drag-and-drop email designer was so easy and intuitive that Sarah could create on brand, engaging newsletters easily.

And people noticed. 

Soon, other areas of the business were reaching out to Sarah:

“Most people reach out because the newsletters look pretty sharp. But they didn’t realize we were using Bananatag and they thought it was coming from me… So when I explained to them about Bananatag and then showed them the tutorial and how to do it in five minutes, it was so easy."

When other departments saw how simple it was to create beautiful, effective communications, they all wanted on board. 

For Sarah, this was a game-changer. It meant that she could decentralize some communications and empower other departments to communicate better.

Bananatag's Email Analytics 

With metrics on open-rates, click-rates, and read time, Sarah could finally analyze which content was performing best and figure out what employees really want and need from her communications.

“It’s great having the ability to show leadership that what we’re doing is working. We’re doing the right things.”

Better yet, she can take that data to leadership to fuel improvements to their strategy:

“Bananatag helps us show that our communications strategies are working.” 


One of Dynata's email newsletters. There is a text box for each clickable link with a percentage to show how many employees clicked each respective link.

Bananatag's email analytics have helped Sarah measure newsletter click-rates.


Result: Saving time, proving impact, and creating data-driven strategies

Now that Dynata is using Bananatag, they’ve been able to accomplish a lot more with a lot less. 

“We’re really pleased with how user-friendly Bananatag has been. We now have tons of different departments using it so that our internal communications team don't have to do everything by ourselves.” 

They’re sending out 6-8 employee emails a month, including various HR newsletters and a handful of team-driven newsletters. 

And the results have been surprising:

“I’m seeing larger readership than I ever thought we would.”

And everyone is excited about it: 

“My boss (the Head of HR) has been super eager to kind of show the CEO that things are progressing.”

With more departments and users across the organization creating their own comms, everyone is starting to understand the value of internal comms data and internal comms in general:

“More of them are realizing how important it is to be able to see that people are opening things.”

Sarah is now using the data and insights she pulls from her Bananatag data to inform her strategy and create measurable goals for her team:

“[Bananatag] allows us to say, okay, we want to increase this by 10% or we want viewership to go up by a certain amount.”

She’s also taken into account new work-from-home conditions and is carefully monitoring email engagement so she can streamline and adapt to keep readership up:

“I think people are feeling a little overwhelmed with email right now. So we're trying to send email strategically and streamline things.” 

What's next for Dynata and Bananatag?

Now that Sarah has the data, insight, and tools she needs to push the internal comms function forward in her organization, she’s on a mission to get everyone on board:

“I’m hoping to move our CEO’s messages into Bananatag and start measuring their impact.”

We love to see it!

Regardless of what comes next for Dynata, Sarah knows that Bananatag will be there every step of the way:

“The customer service is just exceptional. We really appreciate that… Bananatag is a very valuable tool for us.”

We couldn’t be more flattered and are super excited to continue our partnership with Sarah and Dynata into 2021. 

Stay tuned and find out how Sarah continues to evolve the internal comms function at Dynata with the help of Bananatag next year!