The Template Designer launched last week and it's already being used to make effective, beautiful emails. Internal communicators, say hello to a streamlined internal emailing process!

With this new feature, communicators can simply drag and drop text blocks, titles, images, social buttons and more into the email body. All the while getting the same Bananatag stats you know and love to share your communication success in your organization.

Here's what it looks like in your Bananatag Member Account:

Under Templates from the menu on the left, select Create HTML Template from the drop down menu:

Bananatag Template Designer Screenshot

Once you've done that, select your Template Structure. Use the Newsletter structure for your monthly internal company newsletters and the Memo structure for your usual, more subtle emails with fewer elements:

Bananatag Template Designer Newsletter or Memo
Next you have to name your template. This is so you can later organize and duplicate templates to use again. You'll also insert your email subject line and folder to organize your template.

Start designing by dragging and dropping elements into your email. Insert predesigned blocks with spaces for images, text, titles and buttons:

Bananatag Template Designer Drag and Drop

Or insert elements individually where you can adjust the font, size, color, content of your element. Also add social media share buttons and links. You can edit each block individually, in the Content and Style menu on the lefthand side of your designer:

Bananatag Template Designer- content editor

Once you've completed designing your email, save your template and prepare to send it to your distribution list!

Save your template by clicking the save button at the top. The designer will then take you back to your Templates page, in the User Dashboard where you'll see your other Template folders:

Bananatag Template Designer Sceenshot
Find your newly designed Template and click save and it will be saved to your Bananatag mail client extension (coming soon). Download the template and get the HTML file to be inserted into your mail client.

That's it! You're ready to start sending beautiful and engaging internal emails in just a few steps. Happy designing!