We’re back from scorching hot DC, fresh out of the IABC World Conference 2017. This was our third time at the conference and like every other year, it did not disappoint.

Bananas for Canada

Things started off with a bang on Sunday night with the IABC Canada Party!

Every year, IABC Canada West and Canada East regions put on the party of the year to kick off the IABC World Conference. This year the Bananatag team was lucky enough to sponsor and to help organize this legendary party.

Judging from the amazing crowd we had on the rooftop of Sauf Haus biergarten and the action on social, it looks like people had a fun time - Canadian style of course.

What's with the emoji heads?

If you happened to see us at IABC World Conference 2016, you know that we like to have a little fun with our booth.

For our marketing team, this often means countless nights building something entirely from scratch (see how we did it below). This year we let attendees answer how they felt about a topic by emojifying themselves.


But Bananatag is an email solution - what do emojis have to do with email? One of the major complaints people have about email is that it’s a one way communication channel. We’re changing that with the introduction of several different ways for employees to give feedback on their emails.

The most visually engaging of those is with emojis, and from that the emoji head booth was conceived. It was a lot of fun and based on our informal results, communicators are mostly feeling heart eyes about everything... except email.

When asked how they felt about email, attendees responded with a lot of cry face/angry face feedback. When pressed to know why, they answered that it's tough to measure, difficult to design and a broadcast not a conversation. Luckily enough those happen to be exactly the problems Bananatag solves, so by the end of most conversations we had literally turned frowns upside down.

Find out more about making internal email a two-way channel, and learn how to use it to get a pulse on employee engagement by signing up for our next webinar.

Designing the emoji experience

Like most ideas, this concept came to us a little late (two weeks before the conference). Without knowing how it would turn out we got to work constructing it in our office turned workshop.


 a several long days of work that included jigsawing, epoxying, eight cans of yellow spray paint and custom vinyl stickers, we finished it just before our shipping deadline.


Looking ahead

As IABC World Conference 2017 comes to an end, it’s almost time to start looking to next year in beautiful Montreal! It’s exciting to think of what the next year of internal comms brings us, whether that’s new tools, new trends, and of course, new buzzwords.

One thing's for sure, email is here to stay, so don't miss our webinar on the role of internal email in creating better employee surveys.