New inside the Bananatag Email Designer, the Image Editor gives your comms team all of the creative tools you need to create professional designs for employee emails.


As an internal communicator, you want to be creative and try new ideas, but you don’t necessarily want to rely on a graphic designer for all of the images you need for employee emails.

Now in just a few clicks in Bananatag, you can crop images in any way you can imagine, adjust colours, add filters and more.

Here's how it looks inside the Email Designer:



Advanced image editing features inside the Email Designer

Everyone on your team can use the editor, right inside of Bananatag's Email Designer — whether they need to quickly rotate an image, brighten a selfie, or design an entirely new header for your weekly newsletter. 


Cropping and Transformation

Cropping images to any size

Advanced cropping options are included that let you quickly resize images to any size, or a fixed size (resolution) that corresponds with the the default size of the image block being used.


One of our most requested features in the Email Designer is now in the new Image Editor:




With vertical and horizontal mirroring options, you can quickly flip images as needed for consistency or to fix photos taken on a front-facing camera phone or webcam.



Just like on your favourite photo sharing app, you can add filters to images to enhance their look:



There are a lot of different filters available, including categories for finding the perfect filter easier. The intensity of each filter effect can also be controlled.


Adjustments to correct images

Along with a large selection of filters, the image editor offers complete control for adjusting your images, similar to the experience in a photo editing suite:



Adjustments options include:

  • Brightness
  • Saturation
  • Contrast
  • Clarity
  • Exposure
  • Shadows and Highlights


Text overlays for employee emails

Add custom text to any image and access more fonts in the Email Designer with text overlays:




Similarly to how text can be applied anywhere in the image editor, stickers can also be placed on images to add a creative touch:



Focus effects

Focus filters allow you to emphasise part of your image by creating a soft blur around a central area of the image:



The radial blur filter will blur the image around a circular focal point, as shown above. Mirrored blur refers to a parallel blur effect applied to two sides of an image (usually top and bottom). 



Frames can also be applied to images, and help your images stand out in emails. Here's how our image looks in the Email Designer itself with a frame applied:


Try the Image Editor today

The new image editor will save you time while also enabling your entire team to quickly test new creative ideas. All customers using the latest version of the Email Designer will have access to the new image editor.


Access it in the Email Designer today, or get a demo of Bananatag through the link below and start sending beautiful, optimized employee emails!