When it comes to internal communications benchmarks, there’s not a lot out there; especially when you compare the available internal comms data to the abundance of data on external email marketing benchmarks.

When we realized this, we got very nerdy and decided to analyze more than 26 million employee email interactions from our system, Bananatag. The results were surprising and we had some interesting takeaways that we wanted to pass onto the internal comms community. So, we decided to make this epic infographic about all those email benchmarks that are on internal communicators’ minds.

The data we analyzed includes internal email sent by our customers to over 46 million recipients around the world.

Using this data we found out:

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Our key internal email benchmarks takeaway:

While it's helpful to see where you stand against others in the industry, try not to compare your work and data to everyone else's. The true path to improvement is comparing against your own internal email data and adjusting your approach for your specific audience to get the best results possible.