Video is undoubtedly one of the most significant trends in internal comms, and one of the aspects of internal communications that many of our customers plan to increase focus on this year.

From regular updates from the CEO to communicating organizational changes, we all understand that videos are often more effective than written content alone. Of course, it can also be difficult to determine what kind of videos are most engaging when sending internally to thousands of colleagues, so the more data we can get on each video the better.

Finding out what's working and what's being ignored is critical, and having a strong understanding of how videos are being watched in your organization makes it much easier to justify video as part of an overall internal communications strategy. You're likely already tracking engagement with your internal emails, and it's fortunately also easy to get detailed engagement metrics for your internal videos too. 

Hosting Internal Videos Online

Regardless of the type of communication your organization may use videos for and how those videos are created, there are also multiple ways to measure how videos are being watched. Hosting videos online makes sense for a number of reasons -- primarily, it makes it easy to set up a single channel to upload videos to, embedded from, and collect view data.

A custom YouTube channel is often the first approach that organizations take, and while this platform may meet your hosting needs and let you know how many times each video has been watched, the analytics are limited. We encourage our internal comms users to also try Wistia, which is a video hosting platform with a heavy focus on analytics (ideal for internal comms videos). 

Using Wistia to Get Engagement Data on Videos

Wistia is often used by marketing teams to get more detailed metrics on product videos embedded on websites and email campaigns, and we've found it to be the best platform to track engagement for videos of any type. Wistia's platform is ideal for internal videos as videos are hosted on a private channel, available through links you include in your emails. Once videos are uploaded, it's easy to generate embed links so you can quickly add videos to your emails in a customizable player. Other benefits are that videos can easily be organized into project folders by type of content (newsletters, memos etc.) and be updated without needing to update links in emails or on your intranet.

The best part? The data on engagement.

Wistia keeps track of all of the views each video accumulates individually, and compiles engagement metrics based on these individual viewing patterns. So, Wistia's stats will not only tell you how many users viewed your videos, but which parts of the video they watched, skipped and re-watched: 

Tracking Internal Videos with Wistia In this example, this video was played over 1200 time by 73% of the people it was sent to, with employees watching 71% of the video on average before clicking away.


Tracking Internal Videos with Wistia Each view is broken out individually and tracked over the length of the video -- green areas show sections were watched, red areas show sections were rewatched, and whites represent parts of the video that were skipped.

With this level of detail over a large audience's interaction with the video, it's easy to see which parts of each video users find the most useful and engaging, and which parts are skipped. Particularly for longer videos, this data can be used to better understand what your internal audience finds the most useful from each video, and where larger numbers of people are dropping off. 

Tracking Internal Emails with Videos

Similarly to how tracking internal emails lets you confidently state that a given percent of users are opening and clicking on your content, you can use Wistia to measure how many colleagues are engaged with each part of your videos. By having actual engagement data, you can know what percent of all employees have seen key messages and show how effective your internal videos really are. Together with your email opens and email click statistics, it's never been easier to get a more complete measurement of engagement when using video in internal emails.

Wistia is primarily a paid service, with the first tier plan offering all of the functionality and engagement analytics mentioned. You can find out more on their service on their website.

Reach out to us on Twitter with  any questions about using Bananatag and Wistia together, and let us know how you're communicating with video in your internal emails!