Our latest Gmail extension brings our Email Designer for responsive employee emails, into Gmail for the first time.

 Now, internal communicators in organizations using Google Apps can easily build, schedule and send beautiful emails, right from Gmail.

The extension will update automatically for customers. Those new to Bananatag can get a free trial and start sending from our purpose-built internal communications solution for Gmail.

Drag-and-drop Email Designer for responsive employee emails

Our full HTML Email Designer is now built right into our Gmail extension for users on any of our internal comms plans. The Email Designer can be accessed from the drafts button at the bottom of the Gmail compose window.


Using the drafts button, you can create and edit Email Drafts direct from the Gmail compose window, rather than having to do this separately in your Bananatag account.

Emails are now easier to manage too, thanks to the Email Drafts view which summarizes all of your email designs in progress, as well as those that have been scheduled to be sent later.

Internal Comms Gmail Extension


Add pulse surveys to your employee emails

With the Email Designer built into Gmail you have full control of your designs, right inside your email client.

That also means you can now add Pulse Surveys and Social Reactions to your email templates from Gmail, giving you a quick and easy way to create interactive emails and survey employees.

Internal Comms Gmail Extension


Pre-built employee email templates for Gmail

Alongside our drag-and-drop Email Designer, our expanding collection of pre-built employee email templates are now accessible within Gmail’s compose window when creating a new draft.

Internal Comms Gmail Extension

This new creation workflow also allows you to start a new email draft from any existing template in your account, or completely from scratch.


Desktop and mobile preview of employee emails

Within the Email Designer interface inside of Gmail, you can now see a full desktop and mobile preview of your message before clicking send, without needing to leave Gmail.

Internal Comms Gmail Extension

Email Scheduling for employee emails

Redesigned Email Scheduling options make it easy to manage multiple outgoing communications.

Rather than displaying your scheduled emails in Gmail’s native drafts folder, our Email Drafts view lets you see both the emails you have drafted and those that have been scheduled all in one place.

This makes it easy to create and schedule multiple different emails and collaborate on communications with your team.

Internal Comms Gmail Extension

Try the new drag-and-drop interface today. It’s never been faster or more fun to create employee comms emails in Gmail.

Customers will see this update automatically, but you can also manually update through the browser settings (chrome://extensions/ for Chrome users).